You should know about the characteristics of the hair you intend to buy before making a purchase in Cameroon. Is Cameroon’s wholesale human hair of high quality? Do I have the appropriate prices when I buy? Everything you need to know is right here.


An overview of wholesale human hair in Cameroon

In order to comprehend the wholesale human hair in Cameroon, you need to have a comprehensive comprehension of the Cameroonian hair industry. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss some of the fundamentals involved in the wholesale trade of human hair in Cameroon.

Chances of wholesale human hair in Cameroon

Cameroon, which is located in the middle of Africa, is an excellent place for the mass purchase of human hair. Over the past few years, Cameroon has seen significant growth in its wholesale human hair market, which has become one of the most significant subsectors of the beauty industry.


  • Because of the Cameroonian people’s long-held belief that having well-groomed hair is one of the most essential aesthetic criteria, there is a significant demand for hairdressers in the country. As a result of this, the market for wholesale human hair in Cameroon is poised to become one of the most promising in the next years.
  • Wholesalers of human hair in Cameroon sell their wares not only inside the borders of the country, but also throughout the rest of Africa. Wholesale prices for human hair are offered at a premium by hair merchants in Nigeria and South Africa compared to those in Cameroon. As a result of this, if you intend to become a provider of wholesale hair in Cameroon while you are in the central African region, this is an excellent opportunity for you to take advantage of.

Wholesale human hair in Cameroon’s source

Cameroon’s wholesale market for human hair comes from two different sources: Asian countries such as Vietnam, India, and China, which import the hair, and local women who donate their hair to the market.


  • Cameroon gets the majority of its wholesale human hair from Vietnam, India, and China. China is also a secondary source. The hair in Cameroon is thick, coarse, and fibrous, and the wholesale market for human hair in the country is not situated in a region rich in raw materials. Because Cameroonian hair has its own unique properties, they do not gather hair from the people who live in the area. Because of this, they are forced to bring hair into the country from other countries.
  • There are just a handful of wholesale human hair businesses in Cameroon due to the coarse and unmanageability of Cameroonian hair. These businesses obtain the hair of Cameroonian residents. Because of the increased demand for hair among Cameroonians in recent years, wholesale human hair importers in the country have had to step up their production in order to meet the ever-increasing quotas they are responsible for meeting.

The market for wholesale human hair in Cameroon is quite promising, and recent indicators suggest that it is continuing to expand. Because Asian hair is more malleable in terms of the several ways it can be styled, the majority of hairdressers in Cameroon prefer to utilize hair that has been imported from countries in Asia rather than hair that has been obtained from members of the local community.

Features of wholesale human hair in Cameroon

The hairstylists in each area have their own personality peculiarities that make them stand out. The quality of the hair, the pricing of the hair, and the product line are the three criteria on which wholesale human hair in Cameroon are evaluated.

Wholesale human hair in Cameroon at the best price

The prices that hair vendors in Cameroon ask for their wares are fair and competitive. Cameroon’s wholesale prices for human hair are higher than those offered by hair retailers in Asia, but they are much more affordable than those offered in a variety of other regions, including Europe and the United States of America.


  • Because most bulk human hair in Cameroon is resold, prices are typically higher than in other countries. In the wholesale market for human hair in Cameroon, a bundle of hair of medium grade can be purchased for as little as $10, while a bundle of virgin hair can be purchased for as little as $19. When purchasing hair at a wholesale level in Cameroon, you will be required to pay additional costs such as operation fees, shipping costs, and taxes. These are all levied on hair that originates from Asian countries such as China, India, and Vietnam. Therefore, it is not surprising that there has been an increase in price.
  • The cost of delivering big quantities of Cameroonian human hair is relatively inexpensive. Cameroon’s wholesale market for human hair has its own inventory, which means that when the country imports large quantities of hair from other countries, the country’s logistical expenses will be reduced.

If you own a hair brand for this reason, you should purchase wholesale hair from a supplier that is based in the raw material area. This will allow you to save money on taxes, as well as transportation and operational costs. As a direct consequence of this, you’ll be in a position to cut costs and boost earnings for your company. You can have faith that the products are of the greatest possible quality because Queen Hair is situated in Vietnam, which is a developed country. This makes Vietnam an ideal location for manufacturing. If you are interested in purchasing high-quality hair at an affordable price from Queen Hair, you should have a conversation with the sales manager there.

Wholesale human hair in Cameroon offers a diverse product line

Wholesale human hair in Cameroon is available in many different types of hair and lengths to choose from. To begin, there is a wide variety of options available for you to pick from.


  • Because of the lengthy history of the industry, hair wholesalers in Cameroon are aware that salons and Cameroonians want a variety of different types of hair, particularly custom-made hairpieces. This is because of the industry’s experience.
  • Wholesale human hair in Cameroon also import hair, giving them access to a wide variety of cuts, colors, and textures to offer their customers. To ensure the satisfaction of their customers, they offer a wide variety of models sourced from a variety of manufacturers.

Although wholesale human hair in Cameroon offers a wide variety of items, this does not mean that they have a consistent supply of hair available at all times. Because Cameroon buys human hair in bulk from Asian countries, which means that their sources are not always in the warehouse, it typically takes a very long time for them to re-import hair from other nations. This is one of the reasons why Cameroon has a reputation for being so expensive.

Quality of wholesale human hair in Cameroon

The origin of the hair that is sold at wholesale in Cameroon is the single most important factor in determining the quality of the hair available there. Because Cameroon is not located in an area that supplies raw materials, the majority of the wholesale human hair in Cameroon comes from other countries such as China, Vietnam, and India. Therefore, it is essential to take into consideration the following characteristics:


  • Because all Cameroonian wholesalers of human hair are also retailers, we should think of them more accurately as hair distributors rather than hair producers. As a result of importing hair from Vietnam, China, and India, wholesalers of human hair in Cameroon have a tough time keeping track of product quality and ensuring that the quality of the hair is consistently in good condition.
  • In other instances, wholesale Cameroonian hair is mixed with artificial hair. Real hair will always be chosen over synthetic hair because of the former’s more lifelike appearance and the latter’s greater resilience. In contrast, many hair vendors in Cameroon combine genuine and synthetic hair in their products, which causes the hair to become tangled, makes it more likely to shed, and shortens its lifespan. All of this is done in an effort to increase profits.

Because wholesale human hair in the Cameroon industry does not deal in raw materials and instead purchases hair from other nations, the price and quality of the company’s products will be heavily impacted by the origin of that hair. Wholesale human hair Utilizing the services of a hair wholesaler that is headquartered in the raw materials comes with a plethora of benefits, some of which include more affordable prices, a more consistent supply, and improved economic efficiency.

Queen Hair is one of the few hair factories that has been in the industry for more than 20 years, making them an industry leader. Because it is located so close to the source of its raw materials, Queen Hair is in a position to provide exceptionally competitive pricing. If you are looking for a site to get hair products of high quality at prices that are more affordable, please get in touch with Queen Hair.

The five largest wholesale human hair in Cameroon

We have compiled a list of the five wholesale human hair in Cameroon that we believe to be the most reliable. The following is a list of some of the most well-known wholesale human hair merchants in Cameroon.

Queen Hair Factory – the best wholesale human hair in Cameroon

Since many years ago, Queen Hair in Cameroon has been offering retail and wholesale sales of human hair. In order to maintain its high standard of quality, Queen Hair operates a hair plant in Vietnam, which is also the location of its own hair production. Vietnam is the perfect place for Queen Hair to conduct business because it is both a source of raw materials and a country with a stable political background. As a result, the method of shipping is brisk and uncomplicated.

  • The costs of Queen Hair’s products are comparable to those of its rivals. Our production expenses are kept at a low level as a direct result of our close proximity to the raw materials as well as the workforce that is paid at lower rates.
  • The products sold by Queen Hair have a shelf life of up to five years if they are treated with the appropriate level of care. Because we have worked in this sector for such a long time and amassed such a wealth of expertise, we are able to guarantee that the hair we provide is of the very best possible quality.

The product line that is supplied by Queen Hair comes in an astonishingly wide variety of options. When placing an order for our hair, customers have a vast selection of colors and styles from which to choose.

K-Hair – Top 2 wholesale human hair in Cameroon

K-Hair Factory began operations in the early 1990s and has since grown to become one of the most well-known providers of human hair for use in wholesale applications in Cameroon. The business offers virgin Brazilian hair in a range of different lengths and colors, all of which can be purchased at a reasonable price.


  • UPS, DHL, and FedEx are three examples of the many different shipping options that are accessible.
  • You have the option of making payment using a bank transfer, Western Union, or a Naira agency.

Salon Labs Virgin Hair Extensions – wholesale human hair wholesale in Cameroon

Salon Labs is one of the most prominent human hair wholesalers in Cameroon, and they have a diverse selection of products. There is a wholesale human hair company in Cameroon that is widely recognized as one of the best in the industry for its great hair. The company gets its hair from temples in India.


  • Remy hair, clip-in hair extensions, and wigs are all included in this category.
  • The two most common shipping alternatives are provided by UPS and FedEx.

Ted Hair – wholesale human hair in Cameroon.

The year 2009 marked the beginning of Ted Hair, which is currently recognized as a leading manufacturer of wholesale human hair in Cameroon. Since its inception, the company has experienced tremendous expansion. High-quality hair goods and services are distributed and provided by Ted Hair, which operates as a global distributor, vendor, salon, and online shop owner.


  • The most common products include human hair weaves, hair extensions, wigs, and wigs manufactured from Brazilian and Peruvian hair. Wigs produced from Indian hair are also quite popular.
  • They operate a diverse selection of venues in different parts of the world.

Ubuy hair –  Wholesale human hair in cameroon

Ubuy is Cameroon’s most well-known wholesale human hair seller, and it provides its customers with a wide range of products to choose from. Customers that purchase on this e-commerce website are able to streamline their shopping experiences, which in turn saves them both time and money.


  • Authentic Remy hair, as well as hair extensions
  • There are other choices available for shipment, including FedEx, UPS, and DHL.

The vast majority of wholesale human hair in Cameroon vendors offer high-priced products from a diverse range of product lines. Despite this, the quality of the hair offered by these vendors varies widely depending on the source of the hair. When it comes to your company, we strongly suggest that you look for a hair supplier that is located close to the raw material site. Not only will this help you save money, but it will also ensure that you have a consistent supply of hair. As a consequence of this, businesses will enjoy monetary savings.


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