The hair market is extremely diverse and new, free to meet the needs of hair lovers. Besides the hair types that have been selected a lot and become familiar to customers such as Chinese hair, Indian hair, … there is a new hair type recently that is also loved by many women and becomes so popular in the hair world are Mongolian hair bundles. In today’s article, let’s find out what’s interesting about Mongolian hair bundles

Why is the demand for Mongolian hair bundles increasing?

Mongolian hair bundles are a type of hair that is getting closer and closer to hair lovers all over the world. Let’s find out how big the demand for Mongolian hair bundles is.

The hair market can be considered as the most vibrant market worldwide, each hair type from each different country has different characteristics and appeals, Mongolian hair bundles are now also receiving attention from customers who have a strong passion for hair types. Many customers are very familiar and choose many types of hair such as: Chinese hair, Peruvian hair, Brazilian hair, … so they want to have many new choices and Mongolian hair bundles are like a breeze for their hair. 

Women who have been in the hair business for many years and sell an average of 40 kg of hair a month – said: “Customers often come to my shop to buy hair and I come here twice a year.” They made about 4,800 baht ($150) a month, of which prophets came from new hair types like Mongolian hair bundles.

Not only Asians are interested in beautifying their hair, but Mongolian hair bundles are also exported to all over Europe and especially distant America, where there are major fashion capitals of the world and so, The demand for hair extensions, especially new hair types like Mongolian hair bundles is higher than ever. Even in these markets, the supply of hair is in short supply and extremely scarce, so it is understandable that they love hair types like Mongolian hair bundles.

What is Mongolian hair bundles and where did they come from?

To better understand Mongolian hair bundles, first of all, let’s find out what Mongolian hair bundles are and where they come from.

Like many hair types from many other countries around the world, Mongolian hair bundles are hair collected from the original Mongolian women, however, poor women who have no money to pay for their lives. They are forced to sell their hair. Mongolian hair bundles are innumerable, which can be said to be rare because Mongolia’s population is only 2.7 million people, so Mongolian hair bundles can also be considered as rare hair types in the world.

Mongolian hair bundles originated from Mongolian women living in the mountains, because in urban areas, like many other places, when undergoing urbanization, not many women still maintain the habit of growing long hair, so there is not much supply for Mongolian hair bundles in urban areas. However, in the mountains, women’s Mongolian hair bundles can be considered more ideal because they undergo less chemical processing or styling.

Popular characteristics of Mongolian hair bundles 

Mongolian hair bundles are sure to have interesting features, so let’s learn about the specific characteristics of Mongolian hair bundles in the following section of the article.

Mongolia is a country located in Central Asia, bordered to the north by the Russian Federation, to the south by China, to the west by Kazakhstan, it is because of this special geographical rule of Mongolia that Mongolian hair bundles The hair is a cross between Chinese hair and Malaysian hair, which creates an interesting effect on the quality of the hair. 

Many people around the world hunt for this hybrid hair like Mongolian hair bundles because they want to experience the variety and uniqueness that such hair has to offer. It is also because of this geographical location that Mongolian hair bundles become a sought-after hair type by both Russia and China, both of which have a very high demand for hair, a new and promising hair like Mongolian hair bundles for sure they won’t let go

Besides, the climate of Mongolia also greatly affects Mongolian hair bundles. Mongolia is high, cold and dry. The country has an extreme continental climate with long, cold winters and short summers in which most of the precipitation falls. The country averages 257 cloudless days per year, and it is usually the center of an area of high barometric pressure. It is because this kind of weather is not too hot that makes Mongolian hair bundles thin, soft, easy to hug the body for warmth, not too rough like hair from China, but not too light like Malaysian hair. 

The color of the Mongolian hair bundles is also the selling point of this hair, they have many colors from black, dark brown to light brown because the people of Mongolian hair can also be mixed from many different races. Mongolian hair bundles also have a certain smooth straightness, not too curly like African hair, so they will not have to go through a complicated chemical process, which also reduces damage to Mongolian hair bundles to the maximum. 

Because of these relatively ideal features and scarcity, Mongolian hair bundles have a high price, although not as high as European hair like Russian hair,… but also higher than Chinese hair or Cambodian hair, Indian hair,….

Classify Mongolian hair bundles

In order for customers to make the right choices, let’s see what types of Mongolian hair bundles are available and their features.

Virgin Mongolian hair bundles

Needless to say, any virgin hair in the world is of the best quality and virgin Mongolian hair bundles are no exception. Virgin Mongolian hair bundles are sourced directly from Mongolian women, collected from just one person to create virgin Mongolian hair bundles, so the quality is always guaranteed, soft, smooth and extremely glossy due to careful care, avoiding chemical and styling processes. However, virgin Mongolian hair bundles are extremely rare, so the price is also extremely expensive, it is not easy to own virgin Mongolian hair bundles. If customers want to own them, not only have to spend a lot of money, hundreds of dollars for a bundle, but even have to pre-order and wait a long time for the supplier to find and convince the women. sell their precious long hair to virgin Mongolian hair bundles. Once customers use virgin Mongolian hair bundles, they can be completely assured because their lifespan can be up to 2 years depending on usage and maintenance.

Remy Mongolian hair bundles

The second type of Mongolian hair bundles is the remy Mongolian hair bundles, the most popular and also used by hairdressers all over the world. Remy Mongolian hair bundles are different from virgin Mongolian hair bundles in that they have undergone a bit of chemical and styling process, however, the hair quality is still quite guaranteed and the price is much more affordable than virgin Mongolian hair bundles. Remy Mongolian hair bundles are aimed at many different customer segments so that everyone can easily own them. Remy Mongolian hair bundles don’t have to be collected from just one person’s hair it can be from several different women but they should be of the same length and quality, so the quality of remy Mongolian hair bundles is decent Guaranteed, not too messy and customers can use it at different events and purposes. The lifespan of remy Mongolian hair bundles is up to 1.5 years if customers know how to take care of them properly and carefully

Non-remy Mongolian hair bundles

Non-remy Mongolian hair bundles are the worst of the three types of Mongolian hair bundles because of their origin. If the other two types of hair are collected rigorously from the real hair on the women’s heads, non-remy Mongolian hair bundles are collected from hairs everywhere: hair loss. Yes, you didn’t get it wrong, non-remy Mongolian hair bundles are exactly lost hair collected by hair buyers from all over the place, as long as there is hair loss there: hair falling on combs, fields, parks, .. even public toilets or landfills. After that collection process, they will take it home and process it in the most rudimentary ways, removing each hair, the process is very hard, 10kg of non-remy Mongolian hair bundles will have to be removed in 80 hours and then , all that hair will be subjected to hundreds of thousands of chemical layers to remove odors and dirt on it. Non-remy Mongolian hair bundles are of poor quality because of that, hundreds of thousands of chemical processing steps have caused the hairs to lose their most natural protective layer, making them brittle and prone to breakage after a few uses. However, recently with technology, non-remy Mongolian hair bundles are handled skillfully and sophisticatedly, making them extremely shiny and smooth, no different from the other two types of hair, then labeled as hair bundles. high quality hair and selling at exorbitant prices. Therefore, non-remy Mongolian hair bundles become more difficult to distinguish in the market than ever before.

Mongolian hair bundles suppliers in Vietnam  

Mongolian hair bundles are a popular hair type, that’s why there are thousands of suppliers for them. This will make customers extremely confused as to which supplier to choose to trust. Please refer to the top 3 suppliers of Mongolian hair bundles below so that customers can choose with confidence

K-Hair: Top 1 Mongolian hair bundles suppliers in Vietnam  

The top 1 Mongolian hair bundles supplier in Vietnam to mention is K-Hair. For customers who love hair and have many years of working experience, they will no longer feel unfamiliar with K-Hair, which can be considered as one of the first hair manufacturers and distributors in Vietnam with Hundreds of hair products from all over the world, including Mongolian hair bundles. Coming to K-Hair, customers will be assured of price and quality, besides, K-Hair’s service is also extremely dedicated to guide and take care of customers. So, don’t hesitate to come to K-Hair to experience and own quality Mongolian hair bundles.

Queen Hair: Top 2 Mongolian hair bundles suppliers in Vietnam  

Top 2 Mongolian hair bundles suppliers in Vietnam cannot ignore Queen Hair. Just like its name, Queen Hair always wants to give customers the beauty to confidently become their own queen. With many years of experience in the hair industry, from African, European and Asian hair types, including Mongolian hair bundles, Queen Hair is always confident in the quality of the products as well as the prices that they bring to their customers. products so they can rest assured of beauty. Therefore, if customers are still struggling to find a reputable hair supplier for Mongolian hair bundles, do not ignore Queen Hair.

Ruby Hair: Top 3 Mongolian hair bundles suppliers in Vietnam  

Top 3 Mongolian hair bundles suppliers in Vietnam that customers must definitely experience are Ruby Hair. Many years of operation in the hair industry on all continents of the world with thousands of hair products in many countries: Peruvian hair, Brazilian hair, Russian hair, Chinese hair,… and including Mongolian hair bundles, Ruby Hair is always a reputable and familiar choice of many customers. Many prestigious awards over many years of operation are typical proof of Ruby Hair’s success. Therefore, with Mongolian hair bundles, Ruby Hair is also very confident to provide the best products at the most affordable prices. Come to Ruby Hair to experience and choose

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