If you are a person with a strong passion for long hair, you will probably no longer feel strange with 20 inches of hair. This is the most chosen hair type in the world for hair lovers because of its beauty and usefulness. In today’s article, let’s find out interesting things about 20 inch hair and why it is so loved by many women around the world.


20 inch hair – Popular choice for the beauty of hair

What is 20 inch hair?

To understand the interesting things about 20 inch hair as well as its uses and how to use it effectively, first, let’s find out what 20 inch hair is.

20 inch hair is a type of hair called based on the length of the hair in the hair group with the same unit of measure as 16 inch hair, 22 inch hair or 24 inch hair. 20 inch hair can be considered the most perfect length of hair at the moment for those who do not like hair too much but are confused with too long hair. With the waist-length level, 20 inch hair is always the preferred and safe choice for many women


Definition of 20 inch hair

Length and weight converted of 20 inch hair

For women in different countries with different units of measurement, sometimes, the way to say 20 inch hair makes many women feel confused. So please refer to the following way to measure 20 inch hair

In fact, 20 inch hair is converted into many different units in many different countries so that customers can easily understand. Centimeter is a very popular unit in Vietnam when it comes to hair, so 20 inches of hair when converted to centimeter units will be equivalent to 50 centimeters. This is the ideal length that any woman wants for her hair


Length and weight of 20 inch hair

Another way to measure for 20 inches of hair is also extremely popular that women often apply, which is to measure according to the height of the body. Typically, 20 inches of hair will come around your waist or waist-length. This way can be considered as the fastest and simplest way to know the actual length of 20 inch hair because it does not need any tools because the height of the body is already available as a ruler.


Length and weight of 20 inch hair

Talking about the weight of 20 inch hair, this is also quite long hair so the weight is not too light, whether with natural hair or wig or hair extension, 20 inch hair is also quite heavy to carry, the weight of 20 inch hair about 300g, this depends on different thickness of 20 inch hair available. However, by any measure, 20 inches of hair has just enough length and volume to make you shine with it at any time.


Length and weight of 20 inch hair

Some popular types of 20 inch hair 

20 inch hair is becoming more and more popular all over the world, so there are more and more diverse styles of 20 inch hair to meet the increasing choice of women.

20 inch straight hair

The first and most common type of 20 inch hair is the 20 inch straight hair. This is also the most chosen and loved hair type because of its beauty and versatile uses. For 20 inch straight hair, the most prominent and easily noticeable feature is smoothness, shine and extremely soft. Its 20 inch straight hair creates the feeling of extremely strong and supple hair. Moreover, 20 inch straight hair has high applicability, this is a reasonable choice for girls who like to transform their hair. If you like simplicity but still attractive, keep the 20 inch straight hair, if you like to change your hair, then try styling it like curly, hippie or wavy styles. This is also the easiest hairstyle to take care of, if you are too busy or in a hurry in the morning, you do not need to prepare too much, all you need to do is stroke your hair a few times and you are to go out


20 inch straight hair

20 inch wavy hair 

If 20 inch straight hair impresses with elegance and gentleness, then 20 inch wavy hair brings youthfulness and trendy to girls. 20 inch wavy hair is a hairstyle favored by all ages and styles, from teenage girls to mature girls who want to look younger. This is a hairstyle that can be combined with any style to help girls be confident to shine, from gentle to dynamic styles, 20 inch wavy hair is the perfect for all these styles. However, 20 inch wavy hair is a difficult hairstyle to take care of and it is difficult to keep the curls for a long time, so you need to be persistent to maintain the beauty of this hair type.


20 inch wavy hair 

20 inch curly hair

The last type of hair that is extremely attractive is the 20 inch curly hair. With a remarkable length and curly style, the 20 inch curly gives a voluminous look to its owners. 20 inch curly hair seems thick, long and heavy so it is quite picky to use compared to 20 inch straight hair or 20 inch wavy hair. However, 20 inch curly hair is very fashionable and luxurious, suitable for girls who confidently show off their personality. 20 inch curly hair is also a difficult hairstyle to take care of because of its curly nature, so it is easy to dry, tangle or even break, keeping curly hair for a long time is not simple. Therefore, maintaining 20 inches of curly hair is not easy for those who own it


20 inch curly hair

How about the price of 20 inch hair?

Many people love 20 inch hair but wonder about its price, so the following part of the article will give you information about the price of 20 inch hair.

In fact, 20 inch hair is quite long hair, so its price is of course also slightly higher than shorter hair types. The price of 20 inch hair will depend on many factors: the origin of the 20 inch hair, the type of 20 inch hair or the style of the 20 inch hair. On average, 20 inch hair will cost about 200-300 dollars, 20 inch wavy hair, 20 inch curly hair or 20 inch colored hair,… will be higher than this number. In terms of quality, 20 inch single drawn hair will have the cheapest price, followed by 20 inch double drawn hair and the most expensive is 20 inch super drawn hair. In general, women will have to spend a good amount of money to own 20 inch of hair


the price of 20 inch hair

How to take care of 20 inch hair?

Maintaining 20 inches of healthy and beautiful hair is a concern of many women because it is not a simple matter. In today’s article, let’s learn how to take care of them simply and effectively from nature

Making 20 inch smooth hair with avocado 

In avocado, there are ingredients that are very good for hair: vitamins A, E, protein and saturated fat in avocado are very good for hair, helping you to have soft, shiny 20 inch hair.

Way to do:

  • Mix together the avocado, olive oil, or minced coconut oil.
  • Incubate 20 inch hair with the above mixture after washing hair for about 30-60 minutes.
  • Rinse with warm water, you will feel the softness of 20 inch hair after the first wash.

Do this process 2 times a week for better results.


Take care of 20 inch hair with avocado

Aloe vera 20 inch hair mask

Aloe is also known as Aloe Vera, this ingredient always appears in every beauty care method of women. For 20 inch hair, aloe vera provides all the nutrients, helps to make hair shiny, especially improves dyed, permed 20 inch hair very well.

Way to do: 

  • Wash half of an aloe leaf, cut off the peel, scrape the gel inside.
  • For a small cup, dry 20 inch hair to dry, apply aloe vera gel to hair and incubate for 30 minutes.
  • Wash 20 inch hair with warm water and a mild shampoo.

Take care of 20 inch hair with aloe vera

Make 20 inch hair more bouncy with grapefruit essential oil

Grapefruit essential oil is the savior of hair that is prone to breakage or slow growth. The active ingredients of vitamins C, A, pectin … in grapefruit will help hair grow quickly and nourish 20 inch hair from deep inside.

Way to do: 

Wash 20 inch hair with grapefruit essential oil or after shampooing, spray grapefruit essential oil on sparse, slow-growing hair areas. The effect will appear in 3-6 months of use.


Take care of 20 inch hair with grapefruit essential oil

Where can I buy 20 inch hair in Vietnam?

The hair market develops quickly and is extremely complex, so there are many low-quality products sold at high prices to profit. Therefore, please refer to the following 3 20 inch hair suppliers in Vietnam for reasonable choices

K-Hair: The leading supplier of 20 inch hair in Vietnam

Hair enthusiasts in Vietnam and throughout the world will recognize the brands of K-Hair products. K-Hair is Vietnam’s biggest hair manufacturing and distribution firm, with hundreds of items from all over the world, including 20 inch hair. Customers who visit K-Hair will find not only high-quality and reasonably priced items, but also highly convenient policies. So, if you want to buy renowned 20 inch hair, you should go with K-Hair.


K-Hair: The leading supplier of 20 inch hair in Vietnam

Queen Hair: The reputable 20 inch hair supplier in Vietnam

Queen Hair lives up to its name by transforming each girl into a gorgeous queen via her hair. Queen Hair is a Vietnamese firm that manufactures and distributes real hair varieties, including 20 inch Hair. Queen Hair can provide you with whatever sort of hair you are looking for, with exceptional quality and a guaranteed pricing. So, if you’re looking for a place where you may get respectable 20 inch hair, come to Queen Hair.


Queen Hair: The reputable 20 inch hair supplier in Vietnam

Ruby Hair: The constant 20 inch hair supplier in Vietnam

Ruby Hair is another well-known name in the Vietnamese hair business. Ruby Hair, which can be found in many different nations throughout the world, is confident in its ability to give you whatever hair you choose at the highest quality and pricing, particularly 20 inch hair. Because of its accountability and professionalism, Ruby Hair has always had a strong place in the hearts of its consumers, so come to Ruby Hair for 20 inch hair goods right now.


Ruby Hair: The constant 20 inch hair supplier in Vietnam

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