All of us know that Russian hair is the most precious and sought-after hair in the world and surely Russian hair is no exception.

Russian hairstyles have a very special appeal, the simplicity but also the sophistication that they bring, causing attractive beauty for girls all over the world. If you have tried different hairstyles and want to try new and more attractive hairstyles, then Russian hairstyles or Bone Straight Natural Hair are a great choice for you.

1, Potential demand for Russian hairstyles recently 

To understand more about Russian hairstyles, let’s take a look at the demand for Russian hairstyles of women around the world.

The attraction of Russian hairstyles is indisputable for hair lovers for many years. The demand for hair in recent years seems to continue to skyrocket at a very high level, especially in beautiful and rare hair like Russian hairstyles. There would have been a big market for Russian hairstyles, which would also raise the cost. The industry for hair extensions is expected to increase by more than 7% by 2025, in addition to a valuation of $1350 million U.s. dollars in 2018.

If you are curious why Russian hair is in such high demand, much superior to Chinese hair or Indian hair, the answer is very easy to understand, because Russian hair is extremely beautiful and rare, so many people have said that this is a unique hair, nowhere else and not everyone has it, Russian hair is the most beautiful and precious hair in the world, they are even called “golden hair”.

The greatest demand for Russian hairstyles is the United States, where tens of thousands of beauty centers offer them. Russian hairstyles were utilized for a long time by women all over the world, but lighter-haired girls are now adopting the Russian hairstyles because to influencer marketing from famous people like actresses or singers

2, Some special features of hair for Russian hairstyles

Russian hairstyles are loved and beautiful hair types, however, not many people really understand these extremely outstanding features of them. Let’s learn about these valuable characteristics of them

Good quality of hair for Russian hairstyles

There are undoubtedly numerous individuals who are aware of something like the excellent structure and many exceptional qualities of hair for Russian hairstyles especially in contrast to other hair from other nations. The desirable qualities that hair from Russian hairstyles has are softness, smoothness, suppleness, and blondeness. Additionally, it is unavoidable to overlook the temperate climate, temperature, and surroundings which create the structure of hair from Russian hairstyles that are much more lovely and alluring. These textural traits significantly influence the superiority of hair from Russian hairstyles to ensure that the hair somehow doesn’t require excessive treatment processes, the consumer’s prettify procedure will indeed be simpler afterwards when, and the grade has always been preserved. The lifetime of the hair can indeed be extended without a doubt.

Hair for Russian hairstyles is also famous for its unique beauty with a characteristic blond color that very few hair types in the world can own. It is this feature that makes Russian hair more sought after than any other hair type. Besides, if Brazilian hair or Indian hair is rough and fluffy, the hair for Russian hair is very soft and easy to care for. These features of Russian hair can be considered much superior to other hair types

Understanding the price of hair from Russian hairstyles 

That whenever a quality is successful, it goes without saying that all prices will be exorbitant, and such is certainly the case with hair from Russian hairstyles. Even a little package of hair from a Russian hair vendor charges $60; at reputed facilities, the typical cost of hair for Russian hairstyles is not lower than that $550. These figures are far greater than those of foreign hair dealers. Nevertheless, it might be argued that this would be a quantity deserving of excellence and that clients are likewise prepared to part with such astronomical sums of funds to acquire hair from Russian hairstyles.

However, with such a price for hair from Russian hairstyles, it is completely worth it, because the quality of hair from Russian hairstyles is very outstanding. While Peruvian hair or Brazilian hair also costs hundreds of dollars and the quality cannot match hair from Russian hairstyles, it is very reasonable for customers to spend a lot more money for a high quality hair.

Shortage of hair for Russian hairstyles 

In the hair market, everyone wants to own hair for Russian hairstyles. However, the supply for Russian hair is not abundant. Let’s find out why

Many hair suppliers may find it challenging because their hair for Russian hairstyles is regarded as being among the rarest in the entire globe. For hair aesthetic aficionados, who suffer a lack of supply in the industry and are willing to pay a high price for hair from Russian hairstyles, there are several sellers who are limited on availability. As fewer Russian women continue to lengthen their hair too longer, the availability of hair from Russian hairstyles is dwindling. Instead, increasing Russian women are switching to shorter hairstyles that are increasingly in vogue and easier to maintain, one which frees up additional time.

The scarcity of hair for Russian hairstyles will lead to difficulties for hair lovers. The cost of hair for Russian hair will inevitably increase, besides, the risk of its counterfeiting also increases. There will be many places to mix hair of different origins, then dye it chemically and label it with hair for Russian hair and sell it at sky-high prices. This will have a negative impact on the hair market

3, Some loved Russian hairstyles for women 

Many girls admire the beauty of Russian hairstyles but do not know which hairstyle is suitable for them, which makes the girls wonder because they think that Russian hairstyles are very picky. So let’s take a look at some impressive Russian hairstyles in the section below

Hair tufts for Russian hairstyles

Hair buns for Russian hairstyles are always a great choice for girls to show off their faces, highlight their youthful features and enhance their small and slim jawline. In addition, putting all the hair up like that also exposes the collarbones and the extremely attractive and sexy neck area of the ladies. This hairstyle is suitable for Tet holidays with outfits from gentle, graceful, dynamic and personality. Hair tufts for Russian hairstyles is a simple but very outstanding hairstyle, so if you love the lightness, simplicity but still luxurious and attractive, don’t ignore hair tufts for Russian hair.

Braids for Russian hairstyles

Young, classic and never-out-of-fashion hairstyles include braids for Russian hairstyles. Gentle braided curls enhance the charm and femininity of each lady’s look. You can choose a plaited hairstyle or tie a high ponytail and then braid it to create a youthful and dynamic style. A little tangle at the end of the braid sometimes brings personality and difference, so you do not need to braid your hands too tightly, but loosen it to create a natural look for your hairstyle. If you want to look young and lovely like a girl in her twenties, don’t miss braids for Russian hairstyles

Low ponytail for Russian hairstyles

A neat and simple hairstyle that still exudes the beautiful temperament of all girls is low ponytail for Russian hairstyles. If the ponytail symbolizes dynamism and youth, the low ponytail exudes femininity and momentum in a very gentle way. The low ponytail will look more beautiful when you tie it a little side. On these New Year’s days, if you want to “change the wind” more sophisticated, you can tie your hair up and then curl it to get a more graceful hairstyle. Another small tip is to put your hand in and loosen the hair at the back to create volume for the hair! The special feature of low ponytail for Russian hairstyles is the dynamism combined with gentleness, which enhances the unique beauty of the girls. Try a low ponytail for Russian hairstyles for your new hair.

4, Why is hair for Russian hairstyles easily damaged?

For many people, the problem of damaged hair is an extremely difficult problem but cannot find a suitable solution. In the following section, let’s find out some of the causes of hair damage in general and Russian hairstyles in particular.

Don’t care much about the scalp for Russian hairstyles 

We tend to focus on the condition of our hair and forget that the root of the problem lies in the scalp and hair follicles. The scalp for Russian hairstyles is both sensitive and located in a difficult-to-observe position, so it is rarely noticed.

It is not enough to take care of your Russian hairstyles simply by washing it. If the scalp is not taken care of early and properly, this skin area will face the risk of dandruff, scalp infection, fungus…

When the scalp for Russian hairstyles is always kept clean and provided with the necessary moisture, the hair follicles will open, stimulating hair to grow faster. A clean scalp also helps to ensure the transmission of nutrients, and the hair roots will be well absorbed to recover.

Use dry shampoo for Russian hairstyles 

The purpose of dry shampoo for Russian hairstyles is not to replace washing hair with water but to prolong the time between washes. It is also used in necessary cases such as when you wake up late to go to work or go camping without water available.

The use of dry shampoo for Russian hairstyles day after day will cause the scalp to accumulate sebum and chemicals. You will easily encounter many troubles with your hair such as shedding, brittleness and dandruff.

Exposure Russian hairstyles to air pollution

It’s not just sunlight that’s dangerous to your Russian hairstyles. Pollution in the air will also produce reactive oxygen species free radicals that damage hair cells, and disrupt the normal biochemical processes of hair, making hair aging and more prone to damage.

Ways to avoid pollution from damaging your Russian hairstyles are:

– Wash your hair immediately after exposure to dust, air pollution.

– Cover your hair with a towel when entering contaminated areas.

– Nourish your hair regularly after coming home with natural essences and products that have the ability to prevent hair aging.

Unhealthy lifestyle for Russian hairstyles 

Hair fibers are made up of collagen and protein. Therefore, it is not surprising if your Russian hairstyles are frizzy and brittle because your daily diet does not provide enough nutrients.

Eating foods rich in iron and calcium like spinach, milk, and eggs can help. If your Russian hairstyles loss is getting worse even though you’ve taken enough nutrients, you should see your doctor to check your health.

Exercise is great for the heart, brain, and most other parts of the body. Hair is the same, when you exercise, the circulatory system will pump blood better, blood will circulate to the ends of the hair follicles, making the Russian hairstyles stronger and stronger.

Above are very interesting features about Russian hairstyles, if you are interested in other hairstyles apart from Russian hairstyles, you can also refer to our website, such as Natural Straight Hair

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