A wide variety of countries’ hair is available on the hair market, although  cambodian hair vs vietnamese hair account for the majority of the market. There are advantages and disadvantages to  cambodian hair vs vietnamese hair, so you can determine which is best for your business after reading this article.

The comparison of cambodian hair vs vietnamese hair

Although being neighbors, cambodian hair vs vietnamese hair are quite distinct. According to industry insiders, there is a significant difference between the quality, price, and variety of products available for cambodian hair vs vietnamese hair. To learn more about the significance of these discrepancies, read on.

Price comparison: cambodian hair vs vietnamese hair

Cambodian hair vs vietnamese hair, which is more affordable? The immediate answer would be cambodian hair, because it’s more readily available. There are a few reasons why Cambodia is able to provide hair at a lesser price than other countries in the world market:

  • Human and animal hair can be found in cambodian hair vs vietnamese hair products: Nearby nations like India, Cambodia, and Vietnam provide most of the hair used in cambodian hair vs vietnamese hair. Regardless of where the hair comes from, it will never be “virgin” hair because it is mixed. Their hair collecting costs have been substantially reduced, but the quality of their hair has been sacrificed.
  • It is common practice to keep cambodian hair vs vietnamese hair:Cambodia’s hair care producers commonly mass-produce and stockpile their goods due to the industry’s large scale and supply. This strategy cuts down on both production and delivery times. The high cost of human hair can be attributed to the fact that it is a biological material that contains a certain amount of moisture. A lot depends on how long you’ve been in stock, and the quality of your hair is no exception.

Compared to Cambodian hair, Vietnamese hair is a little more expensive due to the lack of these qualities. Vietnamese hair, even without the use of harsh chemicals, is still incredibly affordable.

  • Domestic suppliers are responsible for the provision of the hair that is sold in the Vietnamese market: Because most Vietnamese producers collect their hair from local sources, such as people living in rural areas of northern Vietnam, the amount of hair collected in Vietnam is much lower compared to that collected in other countries. It is possible for Vietnamese hair manufacturers to maintain a steady supply thanks to the indigenous practices of the Vietnamese people about the cultivation of hair and the care of hair.
  • Exports of hair are subject to strict controls by the Vietnamese government: The government of Vietnam is actively seeking to boost exports, particularly those of hair products. The regular delivery and low shipping rates that Vietnam offers allow businesses that sell Vietnamese hair to make a sizeable profit. These businesses are able to thrive as a result.
  • The requirements of a customer are typically taken into account when placing an order for Vietnamese hair: Because of their relatively modest scale, hair manufacturers in Vietnam are more likely to prioritize personalized orders than they are to engage in mass production. As a direct result of this, Vietnamese hair products currently on the market are of a higher grade.

For the most part, Cambodian hair is more affordable than Vietnamese hair. If you’re looking for a hair supplier based solely on pricing, you can stop here. However, if you care more about the quality and consistency of cambodian hair vs vietnamese hair, please continue reading.

Cambodian hair vs vietnamese hair: Comparison in terms of quality

Because Cambodian hair appears to be more lustrous than Vietnamese hair when it comes to cambodian hair vs vietnamese hair, many people have the incorrect impression that it is of comparable or even superior quality to Vietnamese hair. the reality, despite the fact that it might not appear to be as appealing as the fiction.

  • After some time, the appeal of cambodian hair loses some of its luster. The fact that cambodian hair is chemically treated and only lasts for a short period of time is the key factor that contributes to the fact that it is so difficult to maintain. Other factors include: The natural shine and texture of the hair are achieved by the use of a silicone that has been extracted from the hair cuticles using a chemical process.
  • To manufacture extensions and hairpieces, processing plants in cambodian hair combine the comb, grind, and weft leftovers into a single product. Customers who purchase their hair from cambodian hair vendors are putting themselves at an increased danger of being sold fake hair.

Even if it does not have a shine, the hair of Vietnamese people is naturally quite thick and resilient.

  • It originates from rural Vietnamese women who eat a diet that is strong in fiber and supports hair growth. These ladies live in mountainous regions of Vietnam.
  • This type of hair can reach lengths of up to 10 meters (33 feet) in Vietnam.
  • The washing of the hair of Vietnamese women with lemongrass, locust, or pomelo juice has been shown to be advantageous by scientific research.
  • Because Vietnam places such a strong focus on quality, the countries that supply Vietnam with its raw materials have a stronger hold on the country.

If you run a hair salon, prioritizing quality over quantity is a strategy that will pay off handsomely in the long run. Providing your clients with high-quality products helps develop long-term relationships and profits. When comparing cambodian hair vs vietnamese hair, this is a crucial feature to keep in mind.

Cambodian hair vs vietnamese hair: Comparison with product diversity

When choosing between cambodian hair vs vietnamese hair for your hair business, you should keep in mind that variety is an essential component of a successful enterprise.

If you run a hair salon, you already know that more customers equals a greater number of one-of-a-kind orders. It is going to be a lot more difficult to find a new supply for the hair that you can’t acquire from your old supplier. You will have to try to find a new supplier. To begin, it is best to go to the wholesale hair provider that is considered to be the best and that carries a wide choice of products.

The grade of cambodian hair vs vietnamese hair

The grading procedures for cambodian hair vs vietnamese hair are very different. There are a number of different grades of A-grade measurements used by Cambodia’s hair suppliers to label the quality of their hair.

  • There are a lot of synthetic hairs weaved into this hair. Because of the chemicals employed in its production, some of it may be detectable. This type of hair sheds and tangles easily.
  • Additionally, 4A and 5A hair is fragile and prone to tangling if not properly cared for. Students at hairdressing schools frequently practice on low- to mid-quality hair.
  • It’s great for individuals on a tight budget, because it’s medium-thick. Because the cuticles all run in the same direction, Remy hair is less likely to tangle.
  • Tangle-free, less shedding Remy hair in this price range that’s thick and luxurious (7A).
  • 8A and 8A are both made from 100% virgin human hair. With this hair, tangles won’t be a problem, and it’ll be simple to keep it looking great. The higher the quality, the more expensive it is.
  • Cambodian’s 10A hair grade is the most expensive and best-quality. If you take care of this 100% virgin hair, you may expect it to last for a long time.

In Vietnam, there are only three levels of drawing skill: single, double, and super double.

It has a thicker top, progressive taper in the center and thinning at the end because of the various lengths of hair blended in. Half of her hair is said to be this length according to Queen Hair.

  • Standard length (7A – 9A) hair makes up the majority of this sample, putting it in the second tier of grade quality. Hair that has been double drawn is thick in the middle, but thins out as it grows out.
  • 80% to 85% of the hair strands in super double drawn are the specified length (10A 12A). To give it a rich appearance, this hair has a thick and full texture from the root to tip.
  • Hair selection and supply are critical for achieving a Super double drawn quality of up to 12A grade.

The pricing and quality of your hair products can both be affected by the grade you choose for your company. For those on a budget, we offer Single drawn and Double drawn hair in 1A to 7A. Dual-drawn and Super-double-drawn wigs would be ideal if your target customers are people who are willing to spend some money on wigs or sew-in sets. Those seeking the most luxurious, thick, and full-bodied hair can only find it from cambodian hair vs vietnamese hair  does not offer hair in grades higher than 10A.

Cambodian hair vs vietnamese hair: The styles

When it comes to product selection, cambodian hair vs vietnamese hair both have the most options. Your hair doesn’t have to be wavy or curly, or even jet black or pale blond to look great.


Cambodia hair can be found in more products than in the United States because to Cambodia’s formidable manufacturers.

  • Cambodia hair extensions, such as clip-in, sew-in and tape-in, are among the most popular wigs in the world.
  • Cambodia’s hair production capabilities provide for a wide variety of color and style options.

Vietnamese hair providers also offer hair extensions and raw hair in a variety of colors and textures.

  • They have been in the company for a long time and know how to cater their products to the tastes of their clients, notably African ones, Vietnamese hair brands and Vietnamese hair factories
  • As a result, complete wigs and clip-in hair extensions are more expensive and more difficult to come by in Vietnam. All kinds of weft and raw hair, including the most popular, are mostly provided by Vietnamese hair suppliers.

Notice when choosing cambodian hair vs vietnamese hair

In order to make an informed buying decision, you need to know the purpose of the hair you’re interested in. For the following reasons, people buy hair:

  • Cambodian hair vs vietnamese hair for personal usage: There are many people who choose to buy hair from providers rather than pay for salon services and other costs. A fantastic way to save money on hair stylists and to ensure that your hair products are of the greatest quality is to use this method. As a result, you may spend more money on the real product without having to pay for a second hairdresser. As a result, many people choose Vietnamese hair over Cambodian hair for personal usage since Vietnamese hair is of a higher quality and is more durable.
  • You can’t go wrong if you’ve got cambodian hair vs vietnamese hair: A wide range of enterprises, including wig shops, hairdressers and drop-shipping, all rely on hair obtained from suppliers for their products. In addition to the quality of the hair, the buyer needs think about the lace while selecting frontal and closure lace for a wig or a Vietnamese wig. Hair for resale is frequently imported from China or Vietnam, especially by Nigerians. Consider both the price and the consistency of the product when choosing a hair supplier for your business. If you’re on a budget, Chinese hair is your best bet. However, if you are seeking for a constant supply of customers and steady revenues, Vietnamese hair is the best alternative.

As a result, you’ll require a wide range of products and services from the same source depending on your needs. If you have a list of all the things you need from your hair supplier, you can weigh the advantages and cons of cambodian hair vs vietnamese hair.

Customers can get raw Vietnamese hair and virgin hair extensions from Queen Hair at both retail and wholesale pricing.


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