When it comes to finding a wholesale hair vendor for your hair business, look no further. In this article, you’ll discover how to choose the best wholesale hair suppliers and how to work with them efficiently.

Overview of wholesale hair vendor

Because of globalization and rising living standards, hence a bigger demand for beauty products, the hair industry has enormous development potential. Wholesale hair vendor can be found anywhere, but there is vast difference among them.


Overview of wholesale hair vendor

As a general rule, most or all wholesale hair vendor throughout the globe import their products rather than making them themselves. Hair extensions are mostly purchased from Asian companies in China, India, or Vietnam by the majority of wholesale hair suppliers.

Categories of wholesale hair vendor

Wholesale hair suppliers are becoming increasingly popular as a result of the rising demand for hair. The search for a dependable wholesale hair vendor may be tough at times. wholesale hair vendor may be found all around the world, categorized as seen below.

Wholesale hair vendor forms of operation: reseller or manufacturer

It is possible to get hair from a variety of sources in the hair business. Only a few common sorts of wholesale hair vendor will be discussed in this article. Distributors and hair factories that sell hair are both types of wholesale hair vendor.

  • Reselling wholesale hair vendor: Wholesale hair vendor who buy hair from manufacturers and then resell it are known as resellers. Wholesale hair vendors do not produce hair and make a profit from ordering a big number of hair products from hair factories then distributing them. This type of wholesale distributors for hair products act as a middleman in the supply-demand chain. Retailers and people are examples of customers.
  • Manufacturing wholesale hair vendor: Here, the hair is produced by the wholesale hair vendor itself. They get and produce hair in various ways. This will ensure the price is lower without the middle-man. By selecting a reputable wholesale distributors for hair products, you’ll save money over acquiring hair from resellers.

Wholesale hair vendor forms of operation: reseller or manufacturer

There are several advantages in working with a wholesale hair vendor for a hair company owner. You’ll pay extra for the convenience of dealing with a middleman when you purchase hair extensions from a retailer that resells them. It’s still a waste of money to purchase hair from a reseller, and you may wind up with hair items that don’t meet your expectations. You should choose a wholesale hair vendor that is a producer or as near as possible to the source of their products.

Wholesale hair vendor material sources

Wholesale hair vendor are concentrated in Asia, especially in Asian countries, and are a trustworthy and high-quality source for the worldwide market. The countries with the most wholesale hair suppliers are China, Vietnam, and India.

Wholesale hair vendor not in raw material area

The most popular wholesale hair vendor is the world is Chinese, yet they are not in a material source. Many people think that the hair of Chinese wholesale hair vendor comes from Chinese women. Quite the contrary, Chinese wholesale hair vendors often import hair from neighboring countries like India, Indonesia and Cambodia, manufacture them then distribute to the world. Chinese wholesale hair vendor’s quality can’t be guaranteed since it’s typically mixed.


The most popular wholesale hair vendor is the world is Chinese, yet they are not in a material source.

Generally, most wholesale distributors for hair products you encounter are not from any material source: Nigerian, USA, UK, Korea, etc. These countries don’t have a domestic hair source, so they have to import the material from other countries.

Wholesale hair vendor in raw material areas

The most prominent wholesale hair vendor in the already few raw material areas is India and Vietnam. They are either selling directly to customers internationally, or supplying hair for bigger distributors.

  • India wholesale hair vendor is the most abundant source

People in India donate their hair as an act of faith, providing the hair for the wholesale hair vendor in India. Around two tons of hair from Indian donors are collected each year by the temple. India’s wholesale hair vendor buy the hair, which was previously burned, and process and ship it throughout the world. Because it is collected from tens of thousands of women, the hair’s quality varies.


India wholesale hair vendor is the most abundant source

  • Vietnamese wholesale hair vendor is in a quality material source

Hair from Vietnamese women living in the highlands is sold to wholesale hair vendor in Vietnam. They are people who have long, smooth hair and do not utilize chemicals to keep it that way. Thus, Vietnamese hair vendor wholesale are regarded as superior to Chinese and Indian suppliers in terms of hair quality.

To avoid having to import hair from other countries, these wholesale hair vendor are located in the materials region. As a result, the wholesale hair vendor’s prices will be cheaper than wholesale hair suppliers who must import their hair in order to manufacture or distribute.

The most prominent wholesale hair vendor internationally

In the wholesale hair vendors sector, hair extensions come in a wide variety of forms from across the world. To further understand the features of the most prominent wholesale distributors for hair products, we’ll look at Vietnamese, Chinese, and Indian wholesale hair suppliers.

Features of Vietnamese wholesale hair vendor

Wholesale hair vendor in Vietnam are known for a number of distinct virtues. Wholesale vendor for hair  in Vietnam are a wonderful source for the hair extension business for a multitude of reasons. A Vietnamese wholesale hair vendor can also provide the greatest guidance for growing your hair business:

  • Wholesale hair vendor in Vietnam provide reasonable costs

In Vietnam, wholesale hair vendor offer rather low costs with good quality. There is no need to pay for hair imported from other nations since Vietnamese hair vendor wholesale have their own plant that manufactures materials. In addition, the cost of manufacturing in Vietnam is cheaper than in other countries because of reduced labor costs.

  • High-quality items are available from Vietnamese wholesale hair vendor

As a result of the great quality of their own natural hair, which is made entirely of human hair, wholesale hair vendor in Vietnam sell only the best human hair products. This is resulted from hair donors in Vietnam leading a healthy lifestyle and washing their hair with herbal shampoo, which helps to strengthen their hair. Hair from wholesale hair vendors in Vietnam is silky, strong, and lustrous because of the quality of the hair.


Features of Vietnamese wholesale hair vendor

  • Vietnamese wholesale hair vendor supply a wide range of hair products

Wholesale hair vendors in Vietnam provide a wide range of hair items, which hair owner companies should look into. Vietnam wholesale hair vendor can make a wide variety of designs with their high-quality hair, such as bulk hair, weft hair types like straight, wavy and curly hair or whatever color you like. With their seniority in the industry, a wholesale hair vendor in Vietnam will be able to manufacture a wide range of hair products with great quality. Vietnamese raw hair is also the most desired hair material, as it is the most versatile and durable.

  • The Vietnamese government’s assistance for shipping processes between Vietnam and hair suppliers in other nations has made it easier to import from a wholesale hair vendor from Vietnam. Several measures of the Vietnamese government promote the export of commodities, notably hair, making international transit relatively simple. As a result, the hair source of Vietnamese hair manufacturers is expected to become more stable.

Customers in Vietnam’s hair market benefit from wholesale hair vendors’ low-cost, high-quality, and variety products. Working with a Vietnamese wholesale hair vendor will ensure long-term profit and quality. For the quickest and most convenient way to buy from a quality Vietnamese hair vendor wholesale, go no further than Queen Hair.


Features of Chinese wholesale hair vendor

China’s wholesale hair vendor are the world’s biggest hair market because of the wide range of items and hair models accessible. Let’s have a look at the characteristics of the hair offered by these wholesale hair vendor.

  • Wholesale hair vendor in China provide items at low prices

Because of China’s large-scale manufacturing and well-developed transportation infrastructure, Chinese wholesale hair vendor may offer significant cost advantages. Hair factories in China create and store vast quantities of Chinese wholesale hair vendor products, therefore decreasing the costs of both manufacturing and distribution. Hair extensions from Chinese wholesale hair products distributors are perfect for hair merchants looking for low and high prices with variable degrees of quality since the quality degrades with time.

  • Chinese wholesale hair vendor provide the widest range of hair types

Chinese wholesale hair vendor offer a wide variety of hairstyles, textures, and colors. China hair suppliers provide a wide variety of styles, from curly to straight, black to light blonde. For this reason, Chinese wholesale hair vendor have the ability to generate a wide variety of colors and styles. Chemical treatments and outer coating are used by the Chinese wholesale hair suppliers to transform raw hair from a variety of sources into almost any kind of hair product. As a result, Chinese wholesale hair products distributors is ideal for businesses looking for a wide range of hair products at low rates without having to worry about the quality or lifespan of their hair.


Features of Chinese wholesale hair vendor

  • Chinese wholesale hair vendor provide low quality hair products

Since Chinese wholesale hair vendor products are so well packaged and coated, you’ll have an edge in terms of product appearance if you get it from them. It’s important to keep in mind that Chinese wholesale hair products distributors products aren’t as durable as those made in Vietnam. Chinese wholesale hair vendor products customers are concerned about fakes, therefore many firms in the country make extensions and wigs using a mixture of ground and prepared hair, as well as weft residues, to ensure quality. Many Chinese wholesale hair companies products are made using hair from nearby nations like Cambodia and India. The quality and shelf life of China hair products from certain inexperienced Chinese wholesale hair suppliers processing factories may even be compromised by the presence of synthetic fibers.

Therefore, Chinese wholesale hair vendor provide a wide range of hair from many nations at a reasonable price point. Chinese wholesale hair vendor, on the other hand, should be approached with caution by buyers, who should be aware of the specific varieties of hair on offer before purchasing hair. Chinese wholesale hair vendor’s products are cheap yet can be unsatisfactory in the long run. If you want less customer complaints, you should think carefully about purchasing from hair manufacturers in China.

Features of Indian wholesale hair vendor 

Among the world’s most prominent wholesale hair vendors, Indian wholesale hair vendor only rank after Vietnamese and Chinese wholesale hair vendor. Let’s have a look at what these wholesale hair vendor have to offer:

  • Quality is inexpensive at Indian wholesale hair vendors: Hindu temples in India provided hair extensions for Indian wholesale hair vendor. Indian hair, which has a natural curl and may be rather curly at times, isn’t very good. In addition, Indian wholesale hair companies‘ products are often acquired by Chinese wholesale hair vendors for production.

Features of Indian wholesale hair vendor

  • Wholesalers of Indian hair sell it at a low cost: The price of Indian hair from Indian wholesale hair suppliers is relatively low because of the method used to acquire the hair. It was sacrificed by Indians who chopped their hair to worship at the temple.
  • Wholesale Indian suppliers provide low variety: The curly nature of Indian hair obtained in bulk from wholesalers in India makes it impossible to duplicate the look. Stylists can create any desired curl or wave in straight hair, but getting natural Indian wholesale hair vendor wavy hair is a difficult task; in order to restyle this hair, you need to first stretch it out. This style severely weakens the already fragile Indian hairs. In addition, the low-tech approach utilized by Indian hair producers means that wholesale hair vendor in India cannot restyle many sorts of hair.

When purchasing hair from Indian wholesale hair suppliers, be aware of the potential dangers. Additionally, care is suggested while buying hair from Indian wholesale hair vendor owing to the unstable political situation in the nation. As a consequence, the quality of hair extensions bought from wholesale hair vendor in India varies widely from lot to lot.


Wholesale hair vendor from Vietnam, China and India comparison

As a result, while searching for a country with wholesale hair suppliers, such as Vietnam, India, or China, you will have many hair selections. Indian and Chinese wholesale hair vendor are an excellent option if you’re looking for the cheapest hair extensions with a short lifespan. If you’re looking for high-quality hair that’s affordable and can be used for a long time, wholesale merchants in Vietnam are an excellent choice. Queen Hair’s 100% Vietnamese virgin human hair products will be a great asset for your hair business.

How to find a good wholesale hair vendor

If you run a hair business, you would try to spend as little money and effort as possible to obtain high-quality hair. Without paying a middle-man, you may compile your own list of wholesale hair vendor using free online resources:

  • Using Google to find wholesale hair vendor

Google is the most trusted source for finding a trustworthy wholesale hair vendor. Searching and sorting by a website’s reputation will return a large number of results from Google. Search for the wholesale hair vendor that best suit your needs. “ Wholesale hair suppliers suggestions”, “good wholesale hair vendors near me”, and “top wholesale hair vendors” are all possible keywords.

Look around and see what others have to say about it. This is a simple approach that is still quite effective. Google’s algorithm places a high value on websites that get a lot of traffic and hence have a huge customer base, as well as those that are not marketed.


Using Google is a good way to find wholesale hair vendor

  • Using social media to locate a hair provider

Many wholesale hair vendors have a strong online presence. You’ll find a multitude of wholesale vendor for hair on Instagram, Facebook, and even Pinterest since they are the most popular social media sites for wholesale hair vendor. You may look for a list of wholesale hair suppliers on Google and discover more about the companies via their social media. If you type such words into the search box, you’ll be able to find a suitable esale hair vendor and other hair merchants in the appropriate results.

  • E-commerce websites is a great place to find wholesale hair vendor

Websites for e-commerce are venues where all wholesale hair vendor are treated equally. Customers’ satisfaction levels may be learned a lot from online reviews. Amazon, Alibaba, Shopify, and Shopee are wonderful locations to do market research on wholesale hair vendors. Amazon, Alibaba, Shopify, and Shopee. You may type “wholesale hair vendor” into a search engine and see what businesses show up. There’s a lot of information there, like total store review points, specific product reviews, product categories, and so on.

  • Networking is a great way to find a wholesale hair vendor

Networking is a great way to find a wholesale hair vendor

Consult with friends, acquaintances, and other hair-related company owners for advice and recommendations. If they’re online, they may be members of Facebook Groups, for example. These people have experience working with wholesale hair companies and can thus provide valuable feedback and insight into where to get the best wholesale hair vendor. It’s also possible to gain more than simply ideas for running a hair salon.

Top 5 wholesale hair vendor in the world

To make it easy for you to identify top wholesale hair vendor that can offer you high-quality hair. Several reliable wholesale hair vendor that have dealt with a wide range of hair enterprises will be reviewed in the following five points:

Queen Hair – Top 1 wholesale hair vendor

For many years, Queen Hair has been one of the most respected wholesale hair suppliers in Vietnam, manufacturing and selling high-quality hair at affordable pricing while offering professional services to all clients. Customer support is always quick and pleasant when making a purchase from us. We consider you not only a customer, but also a partner with whom we can cooperate to produce and offer high-quality items to clients.


Queen Hair – Top 1 wholesale hair vendor

  • Quality control: Queen Hair is a significant wholesale hair vendor with a huge staff of quality inspectors. Queen Hair has its own raw material source, allowing it absolute control over the hair’s quality from beginning to finish.
  • Diversity: Queen Hair’s virgin hair products is of the best grade Vietnamese hair. We only used hair from Vietnamese donors, therefore it won’t be mingled with hair from any other countries or ethnic groups. As a result of this, hair dealers are able to personalize our hair to whatever sort of hair you like while still maintaining acceptable quality.
  • Price: Queen Hair factory Vietnam offers inexpensive reselling wholesale hair suppliers from other nations, although providing the finest quality hair. Besides, we have various rules to assist our clients to purchase hair with a minimum order beginning from 3 bundles to verify the quality.
  • Customers can rely on our hair professionals, each with at least three years of expertise in the hair industry, to quickly resolve any issues they may be experiencing with our company. We work hard to ensure that customers throughout the globe are happy with the hair products and services they get from us.

To conclude, if you’re seeking a high-quality Vietnamese wholesale hair vendor at a reasonable price with great customer service for the hair market, Queen Hair is a wholesale hair vendor you can’t miss. The hair specialists that work with us can also assist you in running your hair salon more effectively.

5S Hair – Top 2 wholesale hair vendor

5S Hair is one of the earliest wholesale hair vendor in Vietnam, delivering 100% high-quality Vietnamese hair. Their hair extensions are generally sold in Europe, and they are supplied to wholesale hair shops in countries such as Spain, USA and Mexico.


5S Hair – Top 2 wholesale hair vendor

  • Main product: 5S hair specializes in hair, clip-in hair, and tip/tape hair extensions.
  • Price: 5S Hair wholesale hair vendor are among the best in Vietnam and are reasonable when compared to the worldwide costs.
  • 5S Hair sells Vietnamese clip-in and tape-in hair at an affordable price. European hair businesses are their frequent customers

K-Hair – Top 3 wholesale hair vendor

Most of K- Hair’s clients are from Africa, although they are one of the most well-known wholesale hair vendor selling Vietnamese hair in a single drawn grade. Only female donors’ hair is used, thus its purity can be guaranteed.


K-Hair is one of the best Vietnamese hair factory

  • Price: Because K-Hair manages a hair factory, they are a wholesale hair vendor that supplies hair at factory costs.
  • The company’s main product is a variety of kinds of virgin hair extensions. Their professional can aid you in ordering hair extensions.
  • Feedback from clients: The quality of K-hair Hair’s has earned a lot of positive remarks from clients.

K-Hair should be at the top of your list if you’re seeking a reliable Vietnamese wholesale hair vendor. With various hair specialists on staff, K-Hair will help you in establishing your business.

Adorable Hair – Top 4 wholesale hair vendor

Adorable Hair has over 10 years of competence in the hair extensions market, having worked with a variety of Indian wholesale hair vendor. The tape-in and clip-in hair from Adorable Hair is very popular among hair business owners.


Adorable Hair – Top 4 wholesale hair vendor

  • Human hair clip-in and tape-in extensions are the major offering of Adorable Hair, which come in a range of styles.
  • Market to whom a product or service is marketed: This India wholesale hair vendor focuses on the Indian and European hair markets with their temporary hair extensions as their core product.
  • Price: Adorable Hair will supply any hair wholesaler a remarkable economic efficiency because of the inexpensive price of hair from Indian wholesale hair vendor.

Adorable Hair is an excellent alternative for anyone searching to get Indian hair at a reasonable price in the hair market.

Ted Hair – Top 5 wholesale hair vendor

You can count on TedHair, a top Chinese wholesale hair vendor, to help you build your beauty business. They supply beauty specialists and businesspeople turn-key company solutions and top-quality hair items at the finest costs with amazing customer service.


Ted Hair – Top 5 wholesale hair vendor

  • Product of primary importance: Ted Hair primarily provide remy hair products: bulk hair, wigs, hair extensions
  • Price: having hair from numerous nations, their price is likewise vary. They provide hair with a broad variety of costs that run from cheap to expensive.

How to get the most out of your wholesale hair vendor

It’s up to you to make your order work for you once you’ve selected the top wholesale hair vendor. Here are a few tips we have for you:

  • Put in a thorough order for your wholesale hair vendor

Now it’s time to place your order. All the options, pricing range, and financing options might leave you feeling a little overwhelmed. Obtaining as much information as possible should always be a priority. In this method, you’ll be able to get precisely what you want and how you want it from the wholesale hair vendor. To prevent any misunderstandings, be sure to provide a comprehensive order.

  • Payment for wholesale hair vendor

It’s important to know what payment options the wholesale hair vendors accept, such as Paypal, VISA, and Mastercard, as well as the size of the down payment, before making a purchase. The greatest approach to save time and safeguard your financial interests is to be well-informed.

  • Receiving hair from your wholesale hair vendor

We all dread the stage between placing our purchase and getting our eagerly anticipated items from our favorite wholesale hair vendor. The word for this is, in fact, shipping. Before deciding on a delivery method, bear the following points in mind: The sooner you need your goods, the more it will cost you to transport it. Make a list of everything you need to do before you start.

Check to see whether the delivery agency your wholesale hair vendor uses is reputable. Careless management of a lovely hair extension might make it seem a lot less appealing.


How to get the most out of your wholesale hair vendor

  • Provide comments for your wholesale hair vendor

For long-term cooperation, it’s a good idea to do this. Tell your wholesale hair vendor what you like and don’t like about your current style. They may use this as a model for future contracts. If you’re looking for a good wholesale hair vendor, you may save money by leaving a review.

  • Prevent being scammed in finding a wholesale hair vendor

In order to ensure that their products are of the highest quality, wholesale hair vendors should always have the proper credentials and registration information. This comprises the wholesale hair vendor’s  name, location, and, if applicable, its tax identification number. Furthermore, verify a supplier’s policies to make sure they’re not a fraudster.  Another thing you should be mindful of is an unbelievably low price. When a wholesale hair price offers pricing so low that it seems as though they wouldn’t earn any money, keep a cool mind. Swindling you is good business for them.

Given this information about wholesale hair vendors, Queen Hair hopes it proves valuable to you and your company. If you have any more questions regarding related hair goods or wish to acquire hair extensions wholesale, call Queen Hair’s hair advisors right now for the best assistance and wholesale rates for your business.


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