In this article, we will provide the answer for those who are looking for a Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria. Scroll down to check out valuable information on the Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria, as well as some advice on the right hair factory for your hair business in Nigeria.

A quick look at Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria

If you were to ask “Is there a Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria?”, the answer would be a quick “No”. However, you can work with Vietnamese hair factories quite easily, as you can come across plenty of information and contacts online, and a lot of factories ship their products to Nigeria. But then again, hardly ever is any Vietnamese hair supplier focused on Nigerians customers, and as a matter of fact, even less so have an address in Nigeria.

The potential of Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria 

Nigeria is the dynamic land for hair trading many wholesalers are interested all over the world. The main reason results from the high demand for Nigerian ladies. In general, the hair of Nigerian ladies is quite curly and has a rough texture, then, the silky and soft hair is always their dream. 

Among many competitors all over the world, hair from Vietnam is the type that has the finest quality. Vietnamese hair is famous for its strong life span, and silky and soft texture, which live up to all expectations of Nigerian ladies. Therefore, the Vietnamese hair factory in Nigeria has so many to develop in the future. 

The general information of Queen Hair – the best Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria

Queen Hair is a top Vietnamese hair factory, with a showroom in Nigeria for customers to come and check out our products. Queen Hair is the best hair source for you if you are a hair business owner in Nigeria. The prosperity of our business partners in Nigeria is our utmost priority.
Working under the motto “Queen Hair – Discover your inner Queen”, this company is promised to become the only and the best Vietnamese hair factory in Nigeria.


Queen Hair is a top Vietnamese hair factory, with a showroom in Nigeria

Why choose Queen Hair – The only Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria

There is an abundance of hair suppliers in the market right now, and finding a good one has never been an easy feat for hair businesses. But as the only Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria, Queen Hair has exclusive advantages for Nigerians.

Best price from Queen Hair Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria

Queen Hair is a Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria, who is dedicated to bring only the best hair for Nigerian customers with the best price. There are clear reasons why you are able to buy affordable hair products from Queen Hair:

  • Queen Hair’s in-house hair factory is one of the major reasons why we are able to provide hair in reasonable hair. Factory distribution is the highest degree of product distribution. Therefore, hair items supplied straight from factories have no added value from the revenues of resellers.
  • As one of the best Vietnamese hair vendors, Queen Hair benefits from local hair sources. Unlike hair suppliers of other countries, we collect our raw hair domestically: long, flowing hair of healthy donors living in the Northern parts of Vietnam. As a result, being near local material sources also gives Queen Hair an edge for not having to pay for importing taxes and bureaucracy costs, making our price lower for customers.

Queen Hair collect raw hair domestically in the Northern parts of Vietnam

  • Queen Hair is a Nigeria centric brand, therefore we have methods to lower our price for Nigerians customers the most. We also have a separate shipping agent in Nigeria aside from international shipping companies.

For these reasons, Queen Hair is able to bring the best hair products for Nigerians customers at reasonable prices relentlessly.

Queen Hair – Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria provides great quality

Hair from the Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria has apparent benefits: it is smooth, resilient, and silky, with a natural sheen. This hair blends excellently with African women’s features, whether raw or processed.

  • Vietnamese women, who have a healthy, fiber-rich diet and live in a favourable climate that nurtures their hair, donate their hair to us – the Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria. Vietnamese women also use lemongrass, locust, or pomelo juice to wash their hair, which has been scientifically shown to improve scalp and hair health.
  • Queen Hair have been in business for a long time and hence have a large manufacturing scale. As a result, we have improved our production processes immensely to fit the demands of our customers.

Because Queen Hair’s in-house factory in Vietnam is focused on quality, we have strict controls on hair sources. Queen Hair makes sure our hair manufacturing process is clean and ethical no matter what. Queen Hair ensures our hair products are of the best quality, from responsible sources and ethically produced at all times. As a Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria, we make a great effort to maintain our sustainable development and social responsibility.

Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria has excellent product diversity

By virtue of the use of innovative technology in the production of hair extensions, Queen Hair has a wide range of products as the only Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria.

  • The wide choice of hair items offered by Queen Hair – the best Vietnamese hair factory in Nigeria results from the fact that the hair we collect is Vietnamese virgin hair, which means it is 100% human hair taken from healthy donors, which has never been chemically treated. As a result, this hair may be curled, bleached, or colored in a range of colors while maintaining its remarkable quality.
  • Ever since 2010, Queen Hair – Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria has been manufacturing hair for the hair market. As a result, Queen Hair is able to manufacture hair at wholesale price with the specific texture and colors that our customers want. Our processed hair products still remain in great conditions, as our carefully selected materials are treated professionally.

To be able to satisfy all of your clients’ demands, your hair business must have a diverse product line. Customers visit hair salons with a wide range of needs. This might be an issue if a hair business owner does not have a strong relationship with a hair factory. If your supplier does not have a large range of hair supply, it will be difficult or take a long time to reach your desired output.


Queen Hair ensures our hair products are of the best quality

Queen Hair believes product diversity is crucial for our as well as our partners’ business development. Hair is also a great way to encapsulate one’s personality and uniqueness, so we have looked for ways to further diversify our product range, to help our salons partners meet the needs of their customers at all times. Our product catalogue is also tailored to the preferences of Nigerians businesses and people who come to salons.

Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria has great consistency

Queen Hair understands that consistency is something our customers seek for in a Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria, as a consistent material flow is vital for any business. However good a hair supplier may be, if their product flow is not consistent, their customers’ business will suffer from a lack of hair.

  • Being a Vietnamese hair factory in Nigeria, we have the advantage of the good bilateral relationships between Vietnam and Nigeria. This means delivery for your Queen Hair product will be carried out smoothly, without the interference of political instability – which happens in a lot of Asian countries exporting hair, especially amidst the pandemic.
  • The Vietnamese government also has measures to push exports, and hair is one of the products that benefits from export tax reduction. Therefore, customers buying from Queen Hair will have to pay less taxes, hence reducing their costs greatly while still having quality hair products.

If you want excellent quality, good diversity but still at reasonable prices and with excellent consistency, Queen Hair is the best choice for you. Queen Hair is here to support your hair business in Nigeria.

How to order from Queen Hair

Queen Hair accepts custom orders: you place a hair order, and our factory fulfills it. We believe that this is the best approach to ensure that your hair order arrives in perfect condition – without product depreciation from being stocked in inventories.

  • You can reach out to our sales staff by Whatsapp, Instagram, or email at any time. Our sales representatives will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your options and the best pricing available.
  • We will send you an invoice and if you confirm the price, you can make the payment. With Nigerian customers, we have reliable agents for Naira bank transfers, such as Gabriel, Gideon, Chinedu, etc. We also accept all major credit cards like Mastercard, VISA, Western Union, etc. You can choose from any payment option that fits you the most.
  • We will have our factory produce your order when we receive payment. Throughout the manufacturing process, we will keep you updated on the status of your order.
  • When your order is done, we will send you videos and pictures of the final products. If you are satisfied with the products, we will conduct delivery.
  • For Nigerian customers, we have shipping agents based in Nigeria to deliver your products. Our most frequent agent is Mr. Gabriel, but if you prefer any Nigerian shipping agents, we can also use this agent.

Please understand that Queen Hair’s Factory doesn’t have ready-made hair in stock, as our hair is 100% human hair, and from its biological characteristics, it may lose humidity being stored in inventory.


Queen Hair – Vietnamese Hair Factory in Nigeria

Queen Hair cares about our customers deeply, so we have clear Customer Protection policies and free after-purchase care. We would love to provide you helpful advice on starting and running a hair business, as well as ways to preserve your Queen Hair products. With us, you can rest assured that your money is well spent as an investment for your hair business. Queen Hair, the only Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria, hopes this has helped you in finding a supplier for your business. We value our bonds with hair business owners, and would love to form one with you – with our premium Vietnamese hair in your salons.

If you want any advice on hair products or opening a hair business, don’t hesitate to contact Queen Hair via:

  • Website:
  • Whatsapp: +84 84 444 4835
  • Instagram: @queenhair_official

We would gladly assist you in building a lucrative hair business in Nigeria.

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