For the hair industry, there are many countries that offer hair extensions. The Asian hair extensions from Southeast Asia are known for their quality and affordable cost. The greatest  Asian hair extensions vendors are here for you if you are wanting to import hair from this region.


Asian hair extensions

Overview of Asian hair extensions 

Our list of Asian hair extensions will begin with a little introduction. After that, we will go into detail about the analysis.

Definition of Asian hair extensions

Hair that hasn’t been chemically processed is known as “raw” hair of Asian hair extensions. To ensure that all cuticles remain intact and point in the same direction, the hair is cut from a donor and wrapped into a bundle immediately. Since Asian hair extensions is all natural, it’s the best in the world.


Definition of Asian hair extensions

There is a good chance you’ve never heard of bonnets as an accessory for wholesale hair extension. Here’s where you can read more about it: An in-depth look into headgear

Outstanding characteristics of Asian hair extensions

Asian hair extensions tend to have a thicker texture because of its larger cuticle. The majority of this hair comes from Southeast Asian countries including Vietnam and Cambodia. 

Virgin Southeast Asian hair extensions often fall within the range of 1B to 2 in terms of color.

Main hair suppliers of Asian hair extensions

Asian hair extension vendors mostly import hair from Vietnam and Cambodia as previously stated. To help you decide where to import the Asian hair extension, we’ve outlined the features of each nation in the following paragraphs.

Vietnam hair vendors – The best Asian hair extensions supplier

Vietnam is always famous for its quality and price in the hair industry. Many wholesale hair vendors have decided to import Asian hair extensions from Vietnam hair factory.

  • Vietnamese hair producers, who are among the greatest Asian hair extensions suppliers, collect their hair from Vietnamese women, particularly those who live in hilly areas, who have a reputation for having healthy hair. Women’s hair is naturally strong and beautiful because of the cold weather and the fact that it isn’t exposed to the sun’s rays. Natural herbs are commonly used to maintain the great quality of the hair by the ladies there, who frequently have long hair.

Vietnam hair vendors – The best Asian hair extensions suppliers

  • Because of its strength, durability, and perfectly aligned cuticles, Asian hair extensions from a Vietnamese wholesale hair wholesaler stands out among other hair types. Using a good hair supply, hair stylists in Vietnam can dye, bleach, and create a wide range of hairstyles. Due to the fact that it’s made of 100% actual human hair and not a synthetic combination, the hair may be dyed or bleached to any color without tangles or shedding.

Cambodian hair vendors – An Asian hair extensions supplier

Women of the Khmer ethnicity in Cambodia are the primary source of raw Asian hair extensions. Many Cambodian women in need of money will sell as much hair as they can, therefore the hair they get is usually short and split.

  • It’s not uncommon forAsian hair extensions from Cambodia to start out coppery, but eventually become a deep, dark brown or black due to exposure to sunlight. Straightening Asian hair extensions can be a challenge due to the coarse texture of the raw hair.

Cambodian hair vendors – An Asian hair extensions suppliers

  • Following the collection of Asian hair extensions hair from various regions in Cambodia, Cambodian hair vendors begin their process of making hair. Straight hair can be curled, wavy, or styled into a pixie cut if it is naturally straight. If the buyer prefers, more colors can be added.

Top 5 best Asian hair extensions vendors

Customers and hair professionals around the world have voted for the top five Asian hair extensions vendors.

Queen Hair Factory – The best Asian hair extensions supplier

Queen Hair, a wholesale Asian hair extensions supplier with more than two decades of experience, has made a name for itself on Aliexpress as a go-to source for high-quality hair at reasonable costs. Quality Asian hair extensions of Queen Hair  are known for their excellent customer service, and Queen Hair is no exception.


Queen Hair Factory – The best Asian hair extensions supplier

  • Competitive pricing is a major selling point for Queen Hair’s products. Our manufacturing expenses are low since we are close to raw materials and low-wage workers.
  • Queen Hair products can last up to five years with proper care. Quality is assured by the fact that we only utilize hair from healthy donors and that we have worked in the hair industry for a long period of time.
  • Queen Hair has a wide variety of products to choose from. The color and style of one’s hair can be used to create a plethora of various looks. Styling will not affect our hair due to its good quality.

10 Changge Elegant Hair – Top 2 Asian hair extensions

It is in Xuchang, China’s largest collection and distribution center for Asian hair extensions, that Changge Elegant Hair Goods manufactures human hair products. You may find the top hair merchants on AliExpress. Since its establishment in 2010, the company has developed significantly due to the leadership and experience of its employees.

In addition to braids, remy hair extensions, weft hair extensions, and bulk hair extensions, the company’s main product is human hair extensions. A Changge Elegant Hair Products product costs just $6.99USD.

Mic Hair – Top 3 Asian hair extensions supplier

Over the years, Michair Company has gained a lot of knowledge and experience in the hair supply sector and research. Our clients’ demands and expectations are well-understood by the firm. 


Mic Hair – Top 3 Asian hair extensions supplier

The company has always done everything possible to ensure 100% customer satisfaction over its ten years in business.

Ted Hair – Top 4 Asian hair extensions supplier

TedHair, one of wholesale hair suppliers in China as well as top Asian hair extensions sellers, is a reliable ally in your cosmetics business. For beauty experts and business owners, they provide top-notch hair care products and business solutions that include everything needed to get up and running.


Ted Hair – Top 4 Asian hair extensions supplier

  • The primary item: Ted Hair offers a wide variety of hair kinds, with the most popular being Asian hair extensions 
  • The price of hair varies depending on where it is sourced. At different pricing points, they have a large selection of hair.

1 Hair Stop – Top 5 Asian hair extensions supplier

Some of the best Asian hair extensions have worked with 1 Hair Stop for over a decade now. The tape in and clip in hair from 1 Hair Stop, one of the top Asian hair extensions sellers, is also preferred by many hair wholesalers.


1 Hair Stop – Top 5 Asian hair extensions supplier

  • The primary item: Clip-in and tape-in hair extensions are the major product of 1 Hair Stop, but they also provide a large range of remy Indian hair extensions.
  • They mainly sell to the Indian and European hair markets with their main product being permanent hair extensions.
  • 1 Hair Stop’s low cost of hair from the greatest Asian hair extensions vendor will benefit a hair wholesaler tremendously.

1 Hair Stop is a terrific option if you’re looking to buy Asian hair extensions from the best vendor 


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