Asian hair vendors are sold in a number of nations, including the United States, Nigeria, Spain,…. Asian hair vendors have gained worldwide popularity because of their high quality and affordable cost. You’ve come to the perfect location if you’re looking to import Asian hair.

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Overview of Asian hair vendors

Overview of Asian hair vendors 

Asian hair vendors are those whose hair cut from an Asian donor and swiftly bundled into a bundle to guarantee that all cuticles point in the same direction is referred to as Asian hair extensions from Asian hair vendors. In terms of hair extensions, Asian hair vendors are the greatest because it’s completely natural.


Things should know about Asian hair vendors

Hair resellers from Europe or Africa, prefer Asian hair vendors for their amazing quality. Furthermore, getting hair goods from Asian hair vendors may bring major profit for resellers who import hair from Asian hair vendors because of price, product kind, and quality. There are so many countries in Asia that supply hair as Asian hair vendors. However, reliable Asian hair vendors often concentrate in Asia countries like Vietnam, India and China because of their price and hair quality. The following paragraphs will tell you more in detail about these three Asian hair vendors.

The most prominent Asian hair vendors

There are so many Asian hair vendors from Asian nations that supply hair. However, we will go through some reputable Asian hair vendors: Vietnam, China and India.

Asian hair vendors: Vietnamese hair vendors

In recent years, when it comes to Asian hair vendors in general and Southeast Asian hair vendors in particular, wholesale hair retailers have turned to Vietnamese hair vendors for their hair supply requirements. Many wholesale hair dealers are interested in Vietnamese hair products for a variety of reasons, including the fact that they are affordable.


Because of the extraordinary quality of Vietnamese hair vendors, many wholesale hair dealers from other continents, including Africa, Europe, and Asia, prefer it above other types of hair. When purchasing hair products from Vietnamese factories, hair wholesalers in other countries have a number of benefits over their counterparts in the United States and Europe. In addition, as a Asian hair vendor, Vietnamese hair vendors have a long history of working in the hair care industry and customers will have the best experience with their products..

Asian hair vendors: Indian hair vendors 

When it comes to Asian hair vendors, India hair vendors are well-known as Asia’s second largest hair supplier. Since the rise of hair extensions around the world, various hair manufacturers have sprung up across India. Thus, a growing number of Indian businesses are developing hair factories throughout the country. 


But in India, hair manufacturers still operate in a primitive, pre-industrial manner. Many Indian hair vendors, for example, are simply the home of a single Indian family, where workers come and collect the hair bundles directly on the ground. To keep up with demand, Indian hair producers must expand their operations. Throughout India, Indians have a tradition to donate their hair to temples and hair factories, and this is common among Hindus. As a result, India has a plentiful supply of hair.

Asian hair vendors: China hair vendors

As a Asian hair vendors, about a third of the world’s hair is sold by Chinese hair vendors. They are known for their high hair production and low price. However, there is a problem with the quality of hair sold by Chinese hair vendors. The top hair company in China may not have high-quality hair, so think twice before choosing them as your supplier if you’re a wholesaler or want to start a hair business.


So, wholesalers looking for a wide variety of hair goods at discounted prices and no burden in quality can benefit from hair vendors in China. If, on the other hand, hair quality is more important to you, Vietnamese hair vendors are a better option than hair factories in China

Characteristics of Asian hair vendors

Choosing Asian hair vendors is a wise business decision. In terms of quality, cost, and diversity, Asian hair vendor’s hair is rated among the best in the industry.

Asian hair vendors supply affordable price products

The first thing to consider when it comes to wholesale hair business is the price of hair. Asian hair vendors have long been famous for reasonable prices but still assure the quality of products. The reasons are listed below.

  • Asian hair vendors have affordable prices because they are located in the raw materials area. The available hair source helps Asian hair vendors cut down on the transition fee, which can make the price higher than ever. Asian hair vendors only need to go to the mountain where women donate their hair to collect and then complete till the last products. Therefore, the prices of hair from Asian hair vendors turn out to be cheaper.
  • Another reason that contributes to the affordable price is the cheap fee of the workforce. The price to rent an experienced worker in the hair industry of Asian hair vendors is quite cheap. As a result, the final prices are also significantly lower.


Asian hair vendors provide product with high quality

Affordable prices are just a few of the advantages that Asian hair vendors have. Smooth, long-lasting, silky, and naturally sheening: these are only a few of the obvious advantages of Asian hair vendors.

  • In rural Asia, women who eat a high-fiber diet and live in an environment that encourages hair growth give their hair to the supply of the Asian hair vendors. The weather is neither too hot nor too cold. It has been scientifically proven that using natural nutrition to wash one’s hair will improve one’s scalp and hair health, as well.


  • Thanks to the advanced technology in production of Asian hair vendors, the quality has been improved significantly. In combination with many years of experience, Asian hair vendors gradually change the production process more effectively. Hair from Asian hair vendors is boosted from the styles, colors and the long-lasting maintenance. Thus, customers always have the best experience and choose Asian hair vendors as top wholesale hair vendors  in the world.

The best Asian hair vendor is Queen Hair, and this product is also available in Nigeria. You can count on us to help your hair salon make a fortune.

Asian hair vendors have a great product diversity

Due to Asia’s recent deployment of cutting-edge technology in the manufacturing of hair extensions, a wide variety of products from Asian hair vendors are now available. For those who know where to look, the greatest Asian hair vendors may be purchased on the market.

  • Asian hair vendors are able to offer a wide variety of products because the hair it acquires is virgin, meaning it has not been chemically processed. If you’d like to change the color of your hair, you can do it without sacrificing its quality.


  • Hair from Asian hair vendors has long been available on the hair market thanks to a long-standing supplier. Therefore, Asian hair vendors can exactly capture the insight of their customers. By continuously updating the latest trend and new hairstyles, Asian hair vendors are able to provide hair wholesalers with precisely the type and color the customers want. This has contributed to the diversity of the products.

Top 5 best Asian hair vendors in 2022

Not all Asian hair vendors are experts in the field of hair for human purposes. A list of high-quality Asian hair vendors has been assembled for your convenience

Queen Hair – Top 1 Asian hair vendors in 2022

Having a certain position in Asia, Queen Hair is one of the best Asian hair vendors. As a Asian hair vendors, Queen Hair has grown enormously since its start in 2010, outgrowing numerous other providers in the country.


Over the years, Queen Hair has refined and improved its manufacturing process in order to provide customers with higher-quality hair at a lower cost. Now, Queen Hair is a major supplier of Vietnamese hair to Nigerians.

All hairstyles can be purchased at Queen Hair. Your hair color and length can also be altered to suit your preferences. The catalog contains further details. Queen Hair is a wholesaler of human and virgin hair.

Luna Hair – Top 2 Asian hair vendors in 2022

Asian hair vendors – Luna Hair is well-known. Luna’s ability to develop high-quality Asian hair products sets them apart from the competition.


  • There are a wide variety of hair extensions to choose from, including straight, curly, wavy, kinky, and so on.
  • Agents and large delivery companies are used for worldwide shipping.
  • 5 years of experience

Ruby Hair – Top 3 Asian hair vendors in 2022

Human hair company Ruby Hair has a long history of Asian hair vendors and selling in Vietnam. Having to deal with a large number of clients in Europe, the hair care sector demands high-quality products and knowledgeable service. As a result, their Vietnamese hair is deserving of its reputation as one of Vietnam’s top hair suppliers.

  • Remy Vietnamese human hair is the primary product.
  • FedEx and DHL are the main shipping options.
  • Credit cards and bank transfers are accepted forms of payment.

Ted Hair – Top 4 Asian hair vendors in 2022

Since its inception in 2009, Ted Hair has grown to become one of top Asian hair vendors that are widely purchased.


  • Customers include distributors, dealers, salons as well as online shop owners. Ted Hair is a global supplier of high-quality hair care products and services.
  • As the name suggests, this company’s main goods are human weaves and extensions as well as wigs made from Brazilian and Peruvian hair.
  • Ted Hair has a slew of locations across the United States.

Baco Hair – Top 5 Asian hair vendors in 2022

In addition to selling Asian hair vendors, Baco Hair also manufactures and distributes lace closures, lace frontals, and other types of hair extensions.

  • For almost a decade, Baco Hair has been a leader in the Asia hair industry.
  • Baco Hair sells human virgin hair that has its cuticles aligned in the same way.
  • Hairdressers and clients recognize it as one of Asia’s leading hair manufacturers.

It is our hope that you have gained an understanding of Asian hair vendors and have been able to choose the best Asian hair vendors for your organization based on the information in this article. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Queen Hair on social media!

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