Almost all wholesale hair sellers from Nigeria are choosing hair extensions from Vietnam hair factories. We will guide Nigerian hair vendors how to import hair from Vietnam to Nigeria through 4 steps.

Why should import hair from Vietnam to Nigeria

Vietnamese hair factories are being chosen by wholesale hair vendors from Nigeria. Because hair factories in Vietnam can fulfill all the best needs to make the hair business in Nigeria successful. 

The huge potential from hair business in Nigeria

The hair business in Nigeria is growing rapidly in recent years and will grow even more in the future.

  • The demand for Nigerian hair is extremely high. According to recent data, Africa’s hair extensions business is presently around $6 billion per year, with half of it coming from Nigeria’s market. In addition, women in Nigeria pay from 90 to 150 dollar in one time go to a hair salon to change their hairstyles. This is the reason why you should become hair extensions wholesale to Nigeria.

The huge potential from hair business in Nigeria

  • Furthermore, wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria not only supply hair extensions for their country, but they are also hair extensions sources from entire Africa. Therefore, this market is a rich land for any wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria. However, you need to learn about hair extensions information first.

Characteristics of hair sources in Nigeria

In fact, although the hair extensions market in Nigeria is very developed, hair suppliers in Nigeria cannot be self-sufficient, so they might import from Vietnam hair factories.

  • Nigeria is not a raw area of hair material, because Nigeria is not located in the raw material area. There are no hair factories in Nigeria to manufacture hair extensions.

Characteristics of hair sources in Nigeria

  • The reason behind this is because Nigerian natural hair is exceedingly dry ,coarse and weak. Therefore, this type of hair leads to not using it for a long time.

Outstanding features of Vietnamese hair 

There are some characteristics that make hair products of Vietnam hair factories should be chosen by hair business owners in Nigeria. 

  • In Vietnam, hair prices from hair factories are quite inexpensive with Nigeria wholesale hair vendors. Because Vietnam hair factories are located in raw material areas. Therefore, If Nigeria hair vendors buy hair from Vietnam, the economic efficiency is good.
  • Natural Vietnamese hair is very high quality, it is soft, smooth and shiny. Because Vietnamese women have a healthy lifestyle and they always wash their hair with herbal shampoo. In addition, Vietnamese hair can be restyled easily and still keep its quality.

Outstanding features of Vietnamese hair

  • The diversity in hair products is also a bright spot from Vietnam hair factories. The high-end quality leads to Vietnam hair factories not limited in hairstyles. Therefore, Hair factories in Vietnam can change any hairstyle and hair color depending on the requirement of wholesale hair vendors from Nigeria.
  • The reason Vietnamese hair factories attract many wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria than hair factories from other countries is that solid ties between the two nations, shipping processes between Vietnam and Nigeria are becoming considerably easier. Furthermore, the Vietnamese government has a number of measures that encourage the export of commodities, particularly hair, making international transit relatively simple. The business method in hair sources will get more stable from there.

From the characteristics of Vietnamese hair that we have mentioned above. Hence, wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria choose Vietnamese hair to import hair products from. It would bring many economic efficiencies to your hair business in Nigeria.

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How to import hair from Vietnam to Nigeria ?

Through many steps we will show you to instruct you import hair products from Vietnam to Nigeria


How to import hair from Vietnam to Nigeria

Choose a reliable hair factories from Vietnam 

The first step to import hair from Vietnam to Nigeria is choose a reliable hair factories. To help customers from Nigeria avoid scammer, we will point out some basic sign to recognize reliable hair factories from Vietnam 

  • You should choose Vietnam hair factories that have their own websites by searching on google. Prefer hair websites on the top of google search page. It would increase their truthfulness, due to google ranking the reliable websites with useful information from top to bottom.
  • Next, there are a lot of companies that provide full information about their address, phone number, certificate, and social media account. For example, they show certificates about their business license clearly. These hair factories are recommended by old customers or many major newspapers

Queen Hair is a hair factory in Vietnam. It would be easy for wholesale hair vendors to contact our sales staff to watch our product . However, we only have samples and products that have been pre-ordered for delivery. We do not stock hair because hair is a product that can lose quality when left for too long. Therefore, we will start making products as soon as you place an order to ensure the best quality for your product. 

Choose hair product from Vietnam hair factories

When you choose for your business a reliable Vietnam hair factory, we will guide you through the buying process in detail for better understanding how to import from Vietnam to Nigeria.

  • Before buying hair products from Vietnam hair factories, you should determine your hair business purpose and what kind of hair you intend to sell. It is for your hair salon, resell or individual,…. Next, contact their salesman to see these hair photos or videos to make sure that it is a high quality product.
  •  If you have listed your hair products you need to buy, contact their sales staff to assist you place an order. In case you are a beginner in the hair business, please contact their salesperson for the most detailed advice.

    Choose hair product from Vietnam hair factories

  • Then, check your invoice carefully to make sure it’s the correct quantity and type of product you want to buy. If your receipt is correct, you have to confirm it with their sales staff to make a payment. In addition, you have to take a screenshot about your transfer to let them start to manufacture your order and deliver it to you. It may take 7 to 10 days for your hair extensions products to reach you from the time you place your order with this Vietnam hair factory. 

How to pay when import hair from Vietnam to Nigeria

 To pay for hair factories in Vietnam from Nigeria, there will be four main money transfer agents: Naira agent, Western Union, Bank Transfer and Remitly.

  • The most popular method used by wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria is the Naira agent. It is the fastest way to transfer money from Nigeria to Vietnam. The biggest advantage of Naira agents is that wholesale hair vendors from Nigeria only pay in your country’s currency. However, the Naira agent will update daily, due to Naira exchange rates change everyday 

    How to pay when import hair from Vietnam to Nigeria

  • Besides, there are other transfer agents: Western Union, Bank Transfer and Remitly. There is a limited amount of money transfer in Western Union and Remitly. In addition, you have to pay a higher transfer fee in Western Union and Bank Transfer. Remitly and Bank Transfer take up to 3 days to receive the money. 

Receive your product and give feedback 

When exporting hair from Vietnam hair factories to Nigeria, there is a separate shipping method that is through an Nigeria agent. This agent is a Nigerian who is responsible for receiving hair from Vietnam and delivery to Nigeria immediately. Therefore, that process will make receiving your product take place extremely safe, faster and save more shipping fees than some international delivery units.


Receive your product and give feedback

After receiving hair extensions from the Vietnamese hair factories of your choice, properly check them and offer feedback so that the high-quality product may be shared with other suppliers.

Top 5 best Vietnam hair factories

If you’re still looking for Vietnam hair factories to trust, we’ll propose around 5 of the top wholesale hair extensions based on our criteria of reliability, product quality, and affordable pricing.

Queen Hair – Top 1 Vietnam hair factory

When it comes to the greatest Vietnam hair factory, the first website that springs to mind is Queen Hair.

  • For many years, Queen Hair factory has been one of the greatest Vietnamese hair factories, producing and offering high-quality hair. Queen Hair recently chose to join the hair market as a wholesale hair supplier, selling 100% natural Vietnamese hair to all over the world hair markets. Queen Hair also offers a big collection of Vietnamese hair extensions to assist you in selecting the best hair extensions for your customers.

    Top 1 Vietnam hair factory

  • Our hair extensions have been chosen by a number of prominent hair wholesale hair companies, and we’ve received a lot of great comments. Queen Hair factory offers hair extensions to hair vendors in a range of countries. We wish to provide the best goods and services to the hair market so that customers are satisfied with their purchases.
  • Because Queen Hair has many policy to support our customers, wholesale hair dealers would find it very easy to order hair start from 3 bundles. Every wholesale hair vendors could buy it from Queen Hair to inspect highest Vietnamese human hair quality. 

5S Hair – Top 2 Vietnam hair factory

5S Hair is a famous Vietnamese hair factory founded in 1989, with more than 20 years of experience, 5s hair serves thousands of customers all over the world, including Nigeria. They’ve grown to become Vietnam’s leading hair factory.


Top 2 Vietnam hair factory

They provide a wide range of haircuts and colors, such as straight, curly, and wavy hair from 5S Hair.With the slogan Shine in your own way 5s always serves to bring good quality. That’s why we get a lot of good feedback from our customers

Ruby Hair – Top 3 Vietnam hair factory

Hair extensions are available from Ruby Hair factory, which has been manufacturing and providing hair extensions for many years. Great-quality products and professional service are in high demand in the hair extensions market, which is used to dealing with a big number of European clientele. As a result, their hair extensions are among the greatest wholesale hair sellers in Nigeria, offering the best hair extensions.

K-Hair – Top 4 Vietnam hair factory

K-Hair is a hair business that is trusted by many hair business people, especially customers in Nigeria. K-Hair Established in 1990 with a small factory, after many years, K-Hair has expanded production lines, updated advanced technologies to best serve customers.


Top 4 Vietnam hair factory

With the slogan “Quality is king”, their hair products are of excellent quality and come in a range of unique hairstyles. They also sell a variety of hair extensions, including straight, wavy, curly, kinky, and other styles.

Venus Hair – Top 5 Vietnam hair factory

With five years of expertise in the hair market, Venus Hair is one of Vietnam’s newest hair factories. They specialize in Vietnamese hair extensions in a range of forms.Their quality appears to be comparable to that of other Vietnamese hair companies. A number of hair extension firms across the world, most notably in South Africa, have validated the quality of Venus hair.

Using the information in the article as a guide. We hope you are able to locate the most dependable Vietnam hair factory to import hair extensions from Nigeria. If you’re still unsure, get in touch with Queen Hair right away for the finest advice from our hair specialists.

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