China hair has low price and the most product popularity, making it ideal for anyone looking to make money in the hair industry. So, to assist you in making the best decision, we will provide you with the most useful information on Chinese hair to assist you in finding the greatest hair supplier for your company.

Overview of Chinese hair

Hair produced in Chinese hair factories is referred to as Chinese hair. Chinese hair is exactly hair taken from Chinese donors who are ethnic minorities about 10 – 15 years ago. The source of hair at the time was well-known for its long, thin hair strands and strong structure. However, due to rapid urbanization in China, the number of Chinese women selling hair has significantly decreased. To meet the high demand for hair extensions, Chinese hair is no longer sourced from Chinese women; instead, it is imported from countries all over the world, including India, Indonesia, Cambodia, and others. After being mass-collected, the hair is subjected to a series of complex chemical procedures.


Overview of Chinese hair

Chinese hair factories now export products labeled “Chinese hair”, or also very often rebranded as Cambodian, Peruvian or Brazilian hair. The fact is that Chinese hair makes up most of the hair market nowadays, under different names. China’s powerful manufacturing power and logistic system makes this hair the most popular type of hair in the industry, but not necessarily the best type.

Characteristic of Chinese hair

Chinese hair is known as the world’s largest hair market, as well as hair manufacturers have been in operation for a long time. Furthermore, the volume of hair stock in this market has brought various advantages to hair enterprises all over the world when purchasing Chinese hair.

Cost of Chinese hair

Chinese hair suppliers can offer major economic benefits because of its large-scale industry and excellent transportation infrastructure. Chinese have the lowest pricing because Chinese hair factories are massive professional manufacturing facilities that mass-produces and stores Chinese hair products, hence reducing labor and production costs.

  • Chinese hair is harvested from a variety of sources.

The bulk of hair in Chinese hair factories is not Chinese people’s hair, but hair collected from nearby countries like Cambodia or India. Chinese hair is not virgin since it is blended regardless of origin. This greatly reduced the cost of collecting while reducing the hair quality.


Price of Chinese hair is low because of collecting and manufacturing methods

  • Chinese hair is maintained hair in stock

Because of their large manufacturing level and warehouse size, Chinese hair manufacturers regularly make a large quantity of hair and store it up on it. items. This has the potential to reduce production and labor costs while also shortening delivery times. The cost is that hair is a biological material that contains some water, thus long-term preservation may harm the condition of your hair.

Although low-cost hair is desirable, as a business owner, you should evaluate the quality-cost balance when selecting Chinese hair. Better items imply that your clients will return more frequently, and you will be able to benefit in the long run. Furthermore, there are numerous con artists in China who pretend to be Chinese hair suppliers. So, if you’re searching for a Chinese hair supplier, stay alert and only purchase from reliable sources!

Quality of Chinese hair

Product variety and cost are crucial factors in assisting consumers in making their first purchase, but the product’s quality has a significant impact on whether buyers would return to buy anything else. As a consequence, hair businesses should pay particular attention to product quality when purchasing Chinese hair.

  • Chinese hair is initially quite appealing, however, its quality deteriorates with time.. This is because Chinese hair is sourced from a range of sources and is submitted to a severe chemical treatment to give it a gorgeous finish, but it does not last long. It chemically removes the cuticles and uses polyester to make China hair a natural gloss and shape.

Quality of Chinese hair

  • Customers of Chinese hair as they are worried about counterfeiting numerous Chinese hair companies produce hair extensions and wigs by mixing ground hair, prepared hair, and weft residues. Hair from neighboring countries, like Cambodia and India, which is commonly blended with Chinese hair products. China hair products from certain untrained Chinese hair processing centers may even contain some synthetic fibres, resulting in a short shelf life and substandard quality.

Buying Chinese hair will provide you an advantage in terms of product look since the packaging and coating of Chinese hair is simply fantastic. However, the low durability of Chinese hair items should be carefully considered for a long-running company.

Product range of Chinese hair

Chinese hair is available in a broad and diverse spectrum of styles, textures, and colors on the market. curls or straight strands, black or light blonde, China hair suppliers have it all.

  • Chinese hair factories manufacture wigs and ready-to-wear extensions using a variety of attaching styles such as clip-ins, tape-ins, and weave-ins. Their rapid development is a significant motivation for them to meet the needs of hair companies all around the world.
  • Because of its manufacturing capabilities, Chinese hair suppliers produce hair in a broad range of colours and styles. Chinese hair utilizes modern technology to turn raw hair from numerous sources into any sort of hair product you can imagine using chemical treatments and outer coating.

Product range of Chinese hair

As a consequence, wholesale hair vendors in China is suitable for wholesalers seeking a varied assortment of hair goods at affordable prices without having to be concerned about the quality or longevity of their hair. If hair quality is more essential to you, choosing Vietnamese hair over China hair firms is a superior alternative. Vietnam hair has grown into growing hair market in recent years, and Vietnamese hair is known for the premium hair, variety of items, and inexpensive prices. Queen Hair supplies Vietnamese hair to those who want to create a long-term business since superior hair products affect client purchase profits.

Classification of Chinese hair

If you have been browsing for hair online on Amazon or Aliexpress, you may encounter Chinese hair labeled 5A, 6A, 7A, etc and wondering about 10A grade hair meaning. Hair providers in China employ A-grade measures to label hair quality as 3A, 4A, 5A,… to 10A, and is grade 10a hair good quality. Read this to know about grade 10A hair meaning:


Chinese hair A-grade system

  • 3A: This is typically low-cost, thin, low-quality Chinese hair with synthetic hair mixed in. You might be able to smell it since it has been chemically treated. This type of hair sheds and tangles quickly.
  • 4A and 5A: This Chinese hair is also rather thin and prone to tangling if not properly cared for. It is often of low to middling quality and is commonly used in hairdressing instruction.
  • 6A: This is good grade medium thick Chinese hair that is ideal for those on a restricted budget. It’s usually remy hair, which means the cuticles run in the same direction, which makes it less prone to tangling.
  • 7A: This is good grade remy Chinese hair that sheds and tangles less.
  • 8A and 8A: This Chinese hair is entirely composed of virgin hair. This hair does not tangle as much as other types and is easy to manage. You’ll notice that higher quality comes at a higher cost.
  • 10A: The finest grade of Chinese hair available, but also the most expensive. It’s 100 percent virgin hair that’s thick and strong, and it will last you a long time if properly cared for.

This Chinese hair grade system is quite different from another popular grading system: Single draw, Double and Super double drawn. The most prominent difference is that Chinese hair doesn’t often come in the equivalent of Super double drawn hair.


Chinese hair: 3A to 10A grade hair meaning

Choosing a grade has an impact on your costs and product quality if you run a hair salon. If you want to target a smaller consumer base, you may purchase Single drawn hair or Double drawn hair in sizes ranging from 1A to 7A. Double drawn and Super double drawn in the Vietnamese system (or 8A to 10A in Chinese hair system) would be appropriate if your target clients are folks who would spend a reasonable amount on a wig or sewn-in set. Only Vietnamese hair merchants can give you the most luxurious thick hair that is Super double drawn, while grades greater than 10A are not accessible from Chinese hair vendors.

Comparison among Vietnamese hair, Indian hair and Chinese hair

The three most popular hair vendors in the hair market are Vietnamese, Indian, and Chinese hair. Distinct hair kinds, however, have different features such as pricing, quality, product variety, and so on.

Price comparison of Vietnamese, Indian and Chinese hair

Chinese hair is one of the most affordable hair sources on the market, with bundles beginning at $8.5. Following that, Vietnamese hair is somewhat less expensive than Chinese (at $8.8 per bundle). Indian hair is the most costly of all three varieties of hair (beginning at $9 per bundle).


Price comparison of Vietnamese, Indian and Chinese hair

  • The reason behind this is that Indian and Chinese hair is obtained quite differently from Vietnamese hair. Chinese hair producers take hair from other nations such as Cambodia, Vietnam, and India and use the combined hair to create goods. Indian hair will be gathered from temples, where Indians willingly donate their hair to the gods as a religious rite; nevertheless, lax regulations have resulted in unsanitary methods and a lower manufacturing scale, boosting the price. As a consequence, Chinese hair merchants may sell a large quantity of hair to hair firms in Vietnam and India at a lesser cost.
  • Vietnamese hair is gathered in a totally different way than Indian or Chinese hair. In certain parts of Vietnam, people grow their own hair and sell it to Vietnamese hair enterprises. As a result, hair producers in Vietnam cannot acquire in bulk and must buy and sell hair from donors, resulting in the highest price for Vietnamese hair when compared to Indian and Chinese hair.

Quality comparison of Vietnamese, Indian and Chinese hair

Chinese hair is less expensive than Vietnamese hair, while Indian hair is more plentiful, as previously said. When purchasing hair products, however, you should not rely just on pricing. As a result, the three forms of hair differ in both quality and quantity.

  • Vietnamese hair is well-known for its high quality and low cost. Furthermore, the healthy lifestyle of Vietnamese hair donors enables consumers to maintain their hair from Vietnam for up to two years if properly cared for.

Compared to Chinese hair, Vietnamese hair is well-known for its high quality

  • Chinese hair is well recognized as an industrial product and inexpensive commodity due to its access to cheap labor and superior technologies. As a result, Chinese hair is quite inexpensive. Many hair salon operators, however, report that Chinese hair has a decent appearance at first, but thereafter depreciates and falls out readily.
  • Indian hair is the lowest grade of the three hair kinds stated above due to the lowest pricing on the market. Natural Indian hair is frequently thin, brittle, and frizzy, making it difficult to manage. Before the manufacturer can style the Indian hair, they must first straighten it. This further weakens the already frail Indian hair.

Overall comparison of Vietnamese, Indian and Chinese hair

You can notice the difference in hair quality between Vietnamese, Indian and Chinese hair by comparing the quality of Vietnamese, Indian and Chinese hair. Vietnamese hair is reported to be of higher quality than Indian or Chinese hair. However, if you want to improve the product quality of hair companies, Vietnamese hair factory is the greatest option.

Top 5 best Chinese hair vendors

Using the above information, you will be able to discover a Chinese hair supplier. However, because there are so many Chinese hair suppliers, selecting the best one may be challenging. Check out Queen Hair’s recommendations for the top 10 Chinese hair vendors.

For Nigerian customers, you can see more China hair factories in lagos

UNice Hair – Top 1 Chinese hair vendor

UNice is a Chinese hair supplier with warehouses all around the world to serve customers. Consider your intrinsic appeal when choosing a brand theme, and keep an eye out for trends that are aimed for you. This Chinese hair supplier is a famous Chinese hair facility that solely supplies hair. UNICE is well-known for its wide range of products, including natural hair, extensions, and wigs. Because of its low cost and extensive product line, many stylists rely on this hair brand.


UNice Hair – Top 1 Chinese hair vendor

  • 5 years of hair manufacturing experience
  • Location: Henan, China.

Alipop – Top 2 Chinese hair vendor

Alipop – a well-known Chinese hair manufacturer that stresses hair’s quality as well as customer support, and employs solely real hair to create durable hair products. Alipop has a large facility where they can make a variety of wigs while assuring the quality of your hair.


Alipop – Top 2 Chinese hair vendor

  • 6 years of professional experience
  • The address is Xuchang, China
  • Prominent product: Wigs and hair extensions

Yvonne – Top 3 Chinese hair vendor

“Yvonne means “nature” in French.” Yvonne is largely recognized as a top Chinese hair manufacturer. The design embodies the organic character of Yvonne hair products. Depending on the brand name, but created more precisely and elegantly to suit the fashionable elements of feminine hairstyles.


Yvonne – Top 3 Chinese hair vendor

  • Experience: 7 years
  • Location: Guangdong, China

Guangzhou Fantasy Wig – Top 4 Chinese hair vendor

Guangzhou Fantasy Wig, which was created in 2017, has quickly become one of the premier Chinese hair enterprises. Guangzhou Fantasy Wig is located in Guangdong province and is a top seller of China hair.


Guangzhou Fantasy Wig – Top 4 Chinese hair vendor

  • Wigs are their main products.
  • Shipping is handled by UPS, FedEx, and Chinese agencies

Changge Elegant Hair Products – Top 5 Chinese hair vendor

Changge Elegant Hair Products is a widely-trusted Chinese hair, located in Xuchang, the country’s largest hair gathering and distribution centre. It has grown tremendously since its debut in 2010, owing to outstanding management and talented workers.


Changge Elegant Hair Products – Top 5 Chinese hair vendor

  • Their products from the Chinese hair manufacturer are sold in countries such as the United States, France, and Africa.
  • Shipping is offered through agencies around the world.

A better alternative to Chinese hair: Queen Hair

Queen Hair, Vietnam’s leading hair manufacturer with a qualified Vietnam’s hair factory has been creating and marketing high-quality Vietnamese hair for many years. for over 10 years. Queen Hair has decided to open a showroom in Nigeria to offer Vietnamese hair to Nigerians and Africans. Queen Hair also offers a variety of Vietnamese hairstyles to help customers choose the ideal hair product for them.


A better alternative to Chinese hair: Queen Hair

  • Queen Hair is a hair factory in Vietnam that employs hundreds of people. Queen Hair manufactures its own raw materials. plant, giving them complete control over hair quality from start to finish. Highlights of the product: Queen Hair offers items of the highest quality for Vietnamese women, such as natural and relaxed straight hair, as well as straight and wavy hair.
  • Queen Hair has a showroom in Nigeria where we can help our clients with any difficulties they are having in their enterprises. We want to provide African customers with the best hair products and customer care so that they are happy with their purchases.

Queen Hair has a high number of 5-star reviews and supplies hair products to countless of the world’s notable hair salons, wig shops and retailers. To sum up, Queen Hair is a great alternative to consider if you are looking for high-quality hair products at a low cost with excellent customer service for the Nigerian hair industry. Queen Hair’s team of hair professionals on hand to help you manage your hair business and make more profit. Now is the time to contact Queen Hair for free hair assistance!


  • Whatsapp: +84844444829
  • Instagram: @queenhair_official

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