Pixie curls wig is a perfect choice for African women of all ages, as it is a youthful, flexible hairstyle that goes well with all dark skin tones. For pixie curls wig owners, anyone would want to know how to maintain pixie curls to keep the wig beautiful even after multiple use. Scroll down to learn a routine of how to take care of pixie curls and more helpful tips!


How to maintain pixie curls

Characteristics of pixie curls in how to maintain pixie curls

To maintain your pixie curls, you need to understand them thoroughly. A pixie curly wig is made of heavily curled hair that reaches chin-length or shorter. A pixie curly wig is perfect for women who want to achieve a natural look, but still never go out of style.

  • Pixie curls in human hair wigs are made of straight human hair, processed by heat to reach a certain level of curl that resembles the Afro texture of African natural hair. This type of hair is not curly by nature, because the source of hair for human hair products is always Asian hair, which is quite straight.
  • Even natural Afro hair is prone to breakage, so pixie curly hair wigs can suffer from the same problem without proper handling as well. Dryness and friction from harsh handling, cotton pillows, and wooly hats and scarves are all common causes of breakage in pixie curly hair. Using heat on your pixie curly hair, such as straighteners and blow dryers, weakens it and causes breakage. Chemicals can also cause thin, brittle pixie curls that break easily.

How to maintain pixie curls: Washing

However, pixie curly hair being dehydrated or not properly cared will be frizzy or even lose its texture. Therefore it’s crucial to know how to maintain pixie curls properly, to keep your wig beautiful even after a lot of uses. Follow these how to care for pixie curls steps from Queen Hair for gorgeous curls of all occasions!

Detail steps how to maintain pixie curls   

There are a few things to keep in mind in how to maintain pixie curls: how to wash, brush and nurture them. While there are a lot of “dos” and “don’ts” in how to maintain pixie curly hair, we have composed them into comprehensive steps for you, so taking care of your curls is easier than ever. Check out Queen Hair’s guide to how to care for pixie curls below!

How to maintain pixie curls: washing

Before we get to washing pixie curls steps, please remember that you should care for it with products for human hair. These are the recommended hair washing steps in how to maintain pixie curls:

1. Prepare a sink with warm or cold water and put some shampoo in it is the first step in how to maintain pixie curls wig. If your pixie curly wig is dyed, use a shampoo for colored hair.

2. Put your pixie curly wig into the soapy water. Make sure the wig’s cap is on the outer side. This way, the shampoo can clean the cap-where sweat, oils and dead cells are stuck at.

3. Swirl your pixie curls wig gently in the water. Leave it there for a few minutes so that the wig is completely soaked without straining the hair. Gently brush your pixie curly wig with your fingers when it’s wet.


How to maintain pixie curls: washing steps

4. Wash the shampoo away with clean warm water. If your pixie curly wig is thick, you can use more water until all the shampoo is removed.

5. To nourish your pixie curly wig, use a high-quality conditioner. If your wig is a standard hair weft sewing in a wig, you may use the conditioner on a regular basis; there will be no effect on the weft. However, if you have a lace front wig, you should be cautious with your pixie curly wig’s cap. The hair strands are attached to the lace; using conditioner on the lace will loosen the knots on the lace, causing the hair to shed.

6. Wash off the conditioners by soaking in clean water multiple times and gently squeeze out the water.

There are many various types of wigs on the market, such as lace wigs, full lace wigs, and lace front wigs. It is important in knowing which type of wig you have so you know the best way how to maintain pixie curls.

Avoid doing these things in the steps how to maintain pixie curls:

  • Don’t use 2 in 1 shampoo, as the conditioner can reach the hair roots and damage it
  • Don’t apply shampoo directly onto your pixie curls, as this can damage the pixie curly hair’s cuticles
  • Don’t handle the hair too roughly in squeezing or twirling, this can make the pixie curls get tangled
  • Don’t use hot water. Hot water will damage the pixie curly hair fibre.

How to maintain pixie curls: Things to avoid

With these washing steps in how to maintain pixie curls, you can clean your pixie curly hair easily and keep the curls intact. Queen Hair recommends you should wash your wig once every 2-4 weeks, depending on your usage.

How to maintain pixie curls: drying and brushing

Once you are done washing your pixie curls, the next step in how to maintain pixie curls is to dry and brush the wig. You can get your pixie curls from Chinese hair company in Lagos. Follow these instructions about drying your hair in how to take care of pixie curly hair:

  • After washing your pixie curly wig, wrap your pixie curls in a towel or turban for faster drying.
  • Brush or comb your pixie curly wig from the ends to the top with a wide-tooth comb to avoid tangle. Comb your pixie curls till they are no longer tangled or matted.
  • Avoid using a blow dryer, as heat can damage your pixie curls and make it split and dry. Drying without heat is ideal to keep your pixie curls healthier and softer for longer use.
  • When the pixie curly wig is not in use, put it on a wig stand to avoid getting dirty and tangled, also make it more convenient for the next time you use this wig.
  • If the pixie curls are starting to loosen, you can use a curling iron to make them curly again. Remember to set it on low temperature, or else you might burn the curls.

How to maintain pixie curls: Drying

Even when the wig is made of 100% human hair, the hair is no longer connected to the scalp and has been highly processed, so pixie curls can be fragile. This is why you need to know how to maintain pixie curls to ensure your wig lasts for a long time.

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How to maintain pixie curls: moisturizing

One of the most important parts in how to maintain pixie curls is to moisturize your hair. Moisturizing is nurturing your pixie curls, keeping them healthy and luscious. As the hair is not nurtured by the scalp anymore, you can use some products to give the hair necessary nourishments:

  • Apply water or water-based hair serums on the pixie curls with a spray. Hair is composed of protein bundles held together by hydrogen and disulphide bonds. To maintain your pixie curls healthy, it’s critical to keep it wet, which is required for hydrogen bonding, and the most efficient moisturizer is water!
  • Use a natural oil that has a good effect on hair like olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, and jojoba oil. Because water readily evaporates from the hair, a rather thick oil combination is required to lock in moisture.
  • This should be a water-based moisturizer, but it should not be as fluid as the product used in the liquid stage. A cream moisturizer or leave-in conditioner will work well.

How to maintain pixie curls: Moisturizing

We believe with the steps on how to maintain pixie curls, you will know how to take care of pixie curls and keep your wigs gorgeous for a long time. With good quality wigs and proper maintenance, your pixie curls will be absolutely lovely every time you wear this hair.

Queen Hair is a top Vietnamese human hair supplier, and we provide quality pixie curly hair wefts, frontal and closure for customers and businesses. Our hair is collected from donors that are Vietnamese young women of 18-35 years old. The hair is unprocessed, nurtured with traditional herbs and a favourable climate, ensuring the virgin hair is fit for processing into pixie curls. Since 2000, Queen Hair has been producing hair to cater to a lot of beautiful African and African American women around the world. We also have Queen Hair Factory in Vietnam.

With this texture of hair that resembles the natural hair of African women, a pixie curly wig made of Queen Hair’s hair weaves is perfect for you as an alternative to buying expensive hair care products over and over again, giving you the look of a fresh, lovely, unmistakably black woman that embodies the phrase “Black is beautiful”.


How to maintain pixie curls tips from Queen Hair

If you want to place an order or just want more free hair knowledge, contact Queen Hair’s via social media! Our specialists are more than happy to help you look like the Queen that you are.

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