Finding reliable human hair vendor is extremely hard, especially when the hair industry is expanding day by day with significant growth. That’s why in the article below, we will tell you everything you need to know about human hair vendors.

Human hair vendors overview 

To understand the term “human hair vendors”, you must first have a general analysis of the market. We’ll cover all information you need to know about human hair vendors in the sections below.

Distribution of human hair vendors in the world

Human hair vendors are divided into two groups: the human hair vendors based in the raw materials area and the human hair vendors not based in the raw materials area.

  • Human hair vendors based in the raw material area collect hair from their local women rather than importing raw hair from other nations. So the hair in this area will have higher quality with great diversity, the price will be lower and there won’t be any extra shipping fee. This is also the place concentrating almost all biggest hair vendors in the world. The top human hair suppliers in the raw material area are Vietnam, China, and India.
  • Human hair vendors that are not based in the raw material area means that these human hair vendors don’t collect hair from their countries but imported hair material from other countries. The hair from this area will have a higher chance of being tangled, dry and not run in the same direction, as a result, the quality of hair will be not as good. Human hair vendors in Nigeria, on the other hand, are not based in the raw material area.

Distribution of human hair vendors in the world

The potential of human hair vendors in the hair industry

Every year, the hair business grows in size. Hair extensions are now valued over $7 billion and are expected to reach $10 billion by 2024. The massive growth of human hair vendors is mostly due to the rising client demand.


The potential of human hair vendors in the hair industry

  • Beautiful, full thick hair has long been regarded as one the standard of beauty, but not everyone can achieve that silky, smooth, and healthy look.
  • The need for beauty is growing by the day. Hair extensions are essential not just to hair salons, but also large marketplaces and people who do their own hair at home.
  • As a result, human hair vendors have grown fast in recent years, presenting a potential opportunity for economic expansion.

Main products of human hair vendors

Human hair vendors’ products are typically highly diverse; each region’s human hair vendors has its own category, but the majority of them are based on three factors: origin, grade, and texture.

Classify human hair vendors’ products based on origin

When it comes to classifying hair by origin, vendors for human hair normally divide it into 3 groups: virgin hair, remy hair, and non remy hair. These are the types of hair materials used in the manufacture of human hair.


Classify human hair vendors’ products based on origin

  • Virgin hair: top human hair vendors collect this hair entirely from a single donor, so it has not been chemically treated, the cuticle is still intact and running in the same direction. That’s why , this hair is still very shiny, healthy, and tangle-free. Virgin hair is preferred by human hair suppliers because it can be dyed or bleached and can be styled in many ways. However, virgin hair is quite expensive.
  • Remy hair: this hair is collected from two to three donors by human hair vendors, making it not as smooth as virgin hair. Despite this, the cuticle of remy hair is intact and runs in the same direction just as virgin hair.  Remy hair still retains its shine and durability when being used. Remy hair can be dyed and bleached to a maximum of 10 to 12 hues. 
  • Non-remy hair: a human hair factory cannot guarantee the quality of non-remy hair since it comes from multiple donors; the roots and ends of this hair are usually tangled and do not run in the same direction, causing the hair to tangle easily. Human hair vendors process non-remy hair under a harsh chemical treatment at the factory, this will remove the outer cuticle. To make the hair appear silkier, it will be covered with a silicone coating.  This hair doesn’t have long durability, it is only silky the first few times you use it, but after a few washes, it will be dry and tangled.

Classify human hair vendors’ items based on origin

If you run a hair brand, you should choose good human hair vendors that provide virgin hair since it is the highest quality product on the market. If virgin hair is not available, remy hair is an excellent alternative since it is of great quality and costs less than virgin hair. Non-remy hair is also the lowest price option, so the quality of course can not be as great as the other two. It also tangles easily and doesn’t have long durability.

Classify human hair vendors’ products based on grade

When classifying hair types, top human hair vendors often use grades to describe item quality and price. In Vietnam, human hair suppliers classify hair into three grades: single drawn hair, double drawn hair, and super double drawn hair. However, in China, the grades are divided into 12 grades, from 1A to 12A . To give you a better understanding, we’ll go through the features of hair grades below.

  • Single drawn hair (1A->6A): lowest price, 50% of the hair are of the same length.
  • Double drawn (7A -> 9A): medium price, 70% of the hair are of the same length.
  • Super double drawn (10A -> 12A): highest price, 85% of the hair are of the same length.

Classify human hair vendors’ products based on grade

Every human hair companies has their own hair grades, which will influence the price of hair extensions. If you run a hair company, you should buy super double drawn hair because it is of the highest-quality. Keep in mind that human hair vendors will sell single drawn hair at the lowest price and with the lowest quality, followed by double drawn hair at a medium price and with a medium quality, and lastly super double drawn hair at the highest price with the best quality.

Classify human hair vendors’ products based on texture

Human hair factory classify their products based on texture. Because each hair texture has its own set of characteristics, it will fit different people with different needs.


Classify human hair vendors’ products based on texture

  • Bone straight hair: many human hair vendors prefer this hair because it is of high quality. Bone straight hair is not chemically treated and is just being steamed with heat to make it silkier and smoother. If you style this kind of hair, it will immediately straighten out due to its great straightness. Bone straight hair may last up to 4-5 years if you buy from the right human hair suppliers with proper maintenance.
  • Curly hair: this hair has large, dense curls. This hair adds volume to the hair, which makes the person look more appealing and attractive. Remember to purchase curly hair from the right human hair vendors in order for the curls to not get tangled.
  • Natural straight hair: This hair is straight and thick at the tips, with the ends not being too thin, giving you a natural appearance. This hair is a good choice for daily use, that’s why this is one of the human hair vendors’ best selling products.
  • Wavy hair: this hair has small curls but still has enough volume to make your hair look thicker. It can blend perfectly into your actual hair since it is a mid curly extension. If you take care of this hair the right way and buy from reliable human hair vendors, wavy hair can last for a long time.

Classify human hair vendors’ products through texture

Each hairstyle will suit different people, it depends on the person’s needs. Just remember to choose top human hair vendors that can offer many hair types to keep your supply stable.  Queen Hair is one of the best vendors for human hair that has its own factory in Vietnam and has more than 10 years of expertise in the field, allowing it to provide a diverse choice of hair styles to customers.

Characteristics of 4 main human hair vendors countries

Each provider of human hair will have a unique feature. To choose good human hair vendors, you must first have a detailed understanding of the features in these four major supply nations which are Nigeria, China, Vietnam and India.

Nigerian human hair vendors

Hair extensions are used by the majority of Nigerians. This seems to be the country’s beauty standard. As a consequence, the human hair suppliers industry is increasing as well. If you are planning on  starting a business with human hair suppliers in Nigeria, you should consider the following characteristics:


Nigerian human hair vendors

  • In Nigeria, there are no professional human hair factories and they are also not based in the raw material area. The native hair is often dry, coarse, and short. Nigerian human hair vendors often import hair  from other countries, such as Vietnam, China, and India.
  • The human hair factory industry in Nigeria is flourishing, and hair dealers are profiting in on increasing demand in Nigeria in particular and Africa in general. According to a recent survey, Nigerian women spend between $95 and $180 each time in a hair salon to change their hairstyle. As a result, if Nigerian human hair vendors choose reputable vendors for human hair, they can create a huge economic efficiency.
  • Furthermore, Nigerian human hair manufacturers sell hair extensions not just in Nigeria, but throughout Africa. Hair extensions exporting from Nigerian human hair factory to the African hair market account for the largest proportion and have been growing in recent years, so it would benefit Nigerian Top human hair vendors economically.

As you can see, Nigeria has a large number of human hair vendors, so if you choose , you must do extensive research. Queen Hair is a reputed Vietnamese hair provider with high-quality products at a reasonable price situated in Nigeria. If you live in Nigeria, Queen Hair is a good choice for your you.

Vietnamese human hair vendors

In recent years, Vietnam has become one of the biggest top human hair vendors in the world. Many hair brands prefer Vietnamese hair due to its great quality, affordable price, diverse hairstyle, based in the raw material area and has a stable political background.


Vietnamese human hair vendors

  • Vietnamese human hair vendors sell their products at a reasonable price. Because Vietnam is located in the raw material area, the hair source is taken from Vietnamese people, so there won’t be any additional fee. Furthermore, because the country has a low-cost workforce, the price of Vietnamese hair remains reasonable. 
  • Vietnamese human hair vendors’ products are of high quality.  They collect their hair from rural women who eat a healthy diet mostly consisting of vegetables, they also wash their hair with natural herbs such as locust and grapefruit peel. As a result, human hair in Vietnam are always silky, smooth, and tangle-free. Because Vietnam has a long experience in the hair business, Vietnamese hair manufacturers make sure that their products are of the highest quality.
  • Vietnamese human hair suppliers offer a diverse selection of hair products. For starters, since Vietnam has a long history in the hair business, they have many experiences in creating a wide range of hairstyles. The second reason is that Vietnamese hair is particularly easy to restyle due to its premium quality.     
  • Another advantage of Vietnamese human hair vendors is that if you choose Vietnam to be your vendors for human hair, your supply will always be stable. The reason for this is because the country has a stable political system with policies that are very supportive of importing and exporting, especially along the Vietnam-Africa route. This means that shipping products from Vietnam to other countries will be faster and easier, with less delays than normal.

Human hair vendors in Vietnam

As you can see, working with human hair suppliers in Vietnam will bring you the most economic efficiency. If you’re looking for a high-quality hair source at a reasonable price, Vietnamese human hair companies are an excellent choice. Queen Hair’s products are of outstanding quality and come in a broad range of colors and styles. Queen Hair is one of the most reputable hair human hair vendors, with over 10 years of experience in the market. If you are considering buying high-quality hair then Queen Hair would be a great option for human hair vendors.

Chinese human hair vendors

Chinese human hair vendors are the world’s biggest provider. This is both a strength and a weakness. We’ll look at the Chinese hair market from three perspectives: price, quality, and product.


Chinese human hair vendors

  • China is in the raw material area, however, Chinese human hair distributors also buy the large amount of hair from other countries, mostly India. Therefore, in the past, Chinese hair is uneven and low in quality. Nevertheless, in recent years,  thanks to the cutting-edge technology, the quality from China has enhanced considerably. 
  • After the hair is imported, Chinese human hair vendors process it with chemicals, remove the outer cuticle, and cover it with a silicone layer to add shine and smoothness. However, since Chinese hair is always in stock, the hair gets dry when it is left untreated for a long period of time without being properly nourished.
  • Human hair vendors’ products in China are highly diverse and offer a wide choice of styles since they have large facilities and work on a mass manufacturing scale. 

Human hair vendors in China

  • Chinese human hair vendors’ products are generally quite affordable due to the enormous number of  low cost workers. Products from Chinese human hair distributors are often blended with synthetic fibers. They also buy the hair with a low price and produce it on a massive production scale.

If you’re seeking low-cost items then China human hair vendors are the place to go. However, the quality of this country’s human hair vendors’ product is not durable so your customer might complain about the product after a short period of time. Because China is such a large market for good human hair vendors list, you’re more likely to be scammed either. So, if you’re considering importing hair from Chinese human hair companies, remember to undertake your research on the best human hair vendors.

Indian human hair vendors

India is one of the world’s largest best human hair vendors. But Indian human hair vendors also  have their own set of benefits and drawbacks. Below we will tell you everything you need to know about this market:


Indian human hair vendors

  • The quality of Indian vendors for human hair‘ products are inconsistent. Because they purchase hair from temples and from other low-quality suppliers and also Indian hair originates from hundreds of different persons, the quality is often uneven. Furthermore, Indian human hair vendors typically sort the hair by hand, resulting in cuticles not aligned or pointing in the same direction. In the long run, hair extensions made from this hair will be prone to tangling and split ends.
  • Indian human hair distributors often sell hair at a low price. This is due to the fact that India has a significant supply of cheap labor, and their factory is also producing on a small production scale.
  •  Indian human hair vendors can not provide a broad choice of hair extension styles because of the thick, black, and curly nature of this country’s hair. As a consequence, Indian human hair suppliers often supply hair that is wavy or curly in texture. Styling this curly hair type is quite difficult.

Human hair vendors in India

  • India’s politics aren’t stable at the moment, which has a big influence on Indian human hair vendors by slowing the shipment of products to other countries. That’s why, if you choose India to be your human hair vendors, your supply might not be stable, which leads to your order not being delivered to you.

As can be seen, Indian human hair vendors have an inconsistent product quality, the products are also low cost, they don’t have a wide range of hair extensions and the country’s politics is unstable. If you’re a business owner looking for human hair vendors, keep in mind that although India’s vendors for human hair‘ product prices are low, the quality will not meet your expectations. That’s why you should carefully consider your choice and have a thorough research before making a decision.

Source Quality Durability Price
  • Not based in the raw material are
  • Import from other countries
  • Medium quality
  • Might be tangle
1-2 years From 8.2$/bundle
  • Based in the raw material are.
  • 100% human hair
  • High-quality
2-10 years From 8.6$/bundle
  • Based in the raw material are.
  • Wide range of quality
1-5 years From 7.9$/bundle
  • Based in the raw material are.
  • Low quality
1-2 years From 6.7$/bundle

In general, each of the four human hair vendors has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. You should choose Indian and Chinese human hair vendors if you want low-cost hair without requiring quality. Consider Vietnamese human hair vendors if you want a reliable long-term company with high-quality products at a fair price. Queen Hair is one of the most reliable human hair vendors with more than 10 years of experience in the hair industry. Your hair extension will be of the best quality if you choose Queen Hair as your human hair vendors which leads to economic efficiency for your hair business.

How to find trustworthy human hair vendors

When you’re starting a company, it might be difficult to find reliable human hair vendors. That’s why , we’ll show you how to identify one in detail below:

  • Find human hair vendors on Google 

Google is now the world’s most well-known and widely used search engine. As a result, this page has a large number of high-quality human hair vendors.


Find human hair vendors on Google

To begin, use Google’s search engine to look for terms relevant to human hair vendors; after you’ve found a few, head up to the website and read direct customer reviews. After reading a certain amount of reviews, you will surely be able to filter out the human hair vendors who most suit you.

  • Find human hair vendors on social media

It’s hard to find any top human hair vendors without a social media platform since it’s the most popular place to share commercial services throughout the world.

Simply go to the social media platforms of those human hair vendors; respectable vendors for human hair will always have detailed information about their business. Check their social media platforms for information such as their location and contact information, as well as whether or not they are willing to video call you and give you a tour of the facility.

  • Find human hair vendors on e-commerce

Looking for human hair vendors on the internet is a great way to start. On major e-commerce platforms including Alibaba, Ebay, Etzy, Amazon, and others, human hair vendors may be found plenty of those. Only choose the Choose  channels that have been verified and have a blue tick next to them; this indicates that the vendors for human hair channel have been confirmed as the owner by the e-commerce.


Find human hair vendors on e-commerce

Finding human hair vendors on e-commerce channels has a huge advantage is the information about the price is extremely clear, and you can rapidly compare hair extensions from different human hair vendors to find which items are best suitable for you.

  • Finding human hair vendors through networking

Finding human hair vendors via networking is the safest option. What could be more reliable than a place you’ve already visited? Ask among your friends whether they’ve ever worked with or come across a human hair vendors. If they have already worked with one, you should contact the human hair vendors for further information and to exchange more information. Scams will be minimized to the greatest extent possible, and you will no longer have to worry about the quality of your hair since you will be able to consult your friends.


Finding human hair vendors through networking

Each of these four methods for finding human hair vendors has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. There are a range of possibilities depending on your situation. The optimum approach is to use all four of these methods: Simply ask your friends, search for suitable human hair vendors on e-commerce, social media, and Google, and then read detailed reviews and comments on Google or social networking sites to find the ideal human hair vendors for you.

Top 5 best human hair vendors

In order to help you find reliable human hair vendors, we have listed below the top 5 reputable human hair vendors for you. Down here are the 5 most trustworthy human hair vendors that have been classified by hair experts.

Queen hair Top 1 human hair vendors

Queen Hair is one of the best Vietnamese human hair vendors that has been manufacturing and distributing hair extensions for over 10 years. Queen Hair is based in the material area and offers a fair pricing point, as well as a large selection of high-quality hair extensions. That’s why Queen hair can meet any business need.


Queen hair: Top 1 human hair vendors

In Vietnam, Queen Hair has its own factory, ensuring consistent product quality. Queen Hair is located in Vietnam – an extremely politically stable country which supports international export and import so you don’t have to be concerned about the delivery process.

  • Price: extremely affordable because we are based in the raw material are and we have low-cost workers so the price for production is minimized.
  • Quality: high quality, can last up to 5 years. We collect hair from extremely good source with extremely healthy donors, we also has many experience in the field so the quality will always be guaranteed.
  • Diversity: can create a wide range of hair style, able to bleach, perm or dye into many colors. Our hair is very diverse because it is high-quality, so it will not be damaged after styling. We also have been a human hair vendors for a long time so we have many experience in creating a wide range of hairstyles.

Queen hair the best human hair vendors


  • Website: Queen Hair
  • Whatsapp: (84)8444444835
  • Email:

K-Hair Top 2 human hair vendors

K-Hair Factory is one of the top 5 human hair vendors that was established in the 1990s and is currently one of the leading human hair suppliers. The company provides a varied assortment of high-quality Vietnamese hair at competitive pricing.


K-Hair Top 2 human hair vendors

  • Main product: Vietnamese virgin hair
  • Shipment: UPS, DHL, Fedex
  • Payment: Naira agent, Western Union, Bank Transfer

5S Hair Top 3 human hair vendors

5S Hair is considered a good human hair vendor in Vietnam that sells high-quality hair extensions. The firm offers many types of hair extensions such as tape-in hair extensions, clip-in hair extensions, remy hair, virgin hair, etc.


5S Hair Top 3 human hair vendors

  • Main product: weft hair, tape-in, i-tip, clip-in
  • Shipment: UPS, DHL, Fedex
  • Payment: Western Union, Bank Transfer

Ruby Hair Top 4  human hair vendors

Ruby Hair is one of the top 5 human hair vendors with 5 years of expertise in the market. Weft hair, tape in hair, i-tip hair extensions, and other hair extensions are available from this firm.


Ruby Hair Top 4  human hair vendors

  • Main product: weft hair 
  • Shipment: DHL, Fedex
  • Payment: Bank Transfer

Venus Hair Top 5  human hair vendors

Venus Hair is one of the newest human hair vendors that has started for two years . Nonetheless, the company’s products are of high quality. Venus Hair specialized in the sale of weft hair.


Venus Hair Top 5  human hair vendors

  • Main product: weft hair 
  • Shipment: DHL, Fedex, China agent
  • Payment: Bank Transfer

In general, every human hair vendors will have its unique set of strengths. We should consider three main elements while selecting human hair vendors: geographical location, price, and quality. In terms of geographic location, you should choose a place that is suitable for you or a supplier that is situated in the raw material region. Because price and quality go hand in hand, it’s crucial to thoroughly research your human hair vendors before importing their products.


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