Vietnamese human hair is one of the most recommended sources of human hair in hair salons and wig stores due to its amazing silkiness, strength and durable quality for all types of use. Scroll down to learn all you need to know about Vietnamese human hair for your business: origin, quality, classifications and where to find quality Vietnamese human hair.

Definition of Vietnamese human hair

Vietnamese human hair is cut by Vietnamese women who grow \hair with the best care to provide the best quality. These individuals often have monthly or annual supply contracts with Vietnam human hair factories. As a result, Vietnamese human hair is high-quality hair created by human hair in Vietnam manufacturers.


Vietnamese human hair definition

As hair merchants throughout the world become more aware of what Vietnamese human hair is, they are increasingly choosing Vietnamese human hair as their primary commodity. Please read this article for more information on why many hair businesses pick human hair from Vietnam and what Vietnamese human hair is ideal for.

Origins of Vietnamese human hair

Vietnamese human hair is the primary product of choice for many dealers all over the world, including Nigeria, Russia, and Mexico, as of its great quality and inexpensive pricing. Following that, we will demonstrate the qualities of Vietnamese human hair so that hair businesses seeking for Vietnam human hair may conduct business and have a deeper understanding of various sorts of hair.

Many hair businesses owners who want to purchase Vietnamese human hair are interested in the origins of the hair. This impacts the characteristics of Vietnam human hair, hence we will describe how Vietnamese human hair is obtained further down.


Vietnamese human hair origins

Vietnamese human hair is gathered in mountainous locations where women frequently grow and sell their Vietnam human hair. Every year, a Vietnamese human hair manufacturer went there to make contracts with these ladies to collect hair from them at a specific time and return it to the facility for finished items.

Features of Vietnamese human hair

Hair businesses must be familiar with the qualities of their own hair in order to better comprehend the products that they offer. You can then quickly notify your buyers about your offering. So, in order to know Vietnamese human hair better, let us highlight some of its most notable characteristics.

Vietnamese human hair has affordable prices

Vietnamese human hair is of high grade in the hair industry. Nevertheless, the prices of Vietnamese human hair is highly ideal for those in the hair trade who want to attain great commercial performance. Hair is inexpensive in Vietnam since the country is located right in a resource zone, and labor expenses in Vietnamese human hair companies are low. This might help to reduce the high manufacturing costs of the Vietnam hair manufacturer. As a result, the pricing of human hair from Vietnam has the benefit of attracting numerous hair wholesalers.


Vietnamese human hair has affordable prices

As a result, Vietnamese human hair is considered the best option when looking for high-quality hair products at a reasonable price. This won’t just serve to raise your business’s image with your clients, but it also has a substantial economic impact.

Vietnamese human hair has the highest quality

For sale is high grade Vietnamese human hair produced by Vietnamese ladies. Furthermore, because of a healthy lifestyle, eating, and washing their hair with weeds, Vietnamese women’s hair is naturally silky, strong and durable.

  • Vietnamese human hair is 100% human hair from healthy female donors, which has never been chemically or thermally treated. A bundle of Vietnamese human hair comes from only one or several Vietnamese donors, so they are not mixed from multiple hair sources like Chinese or Indian hair.

Vietnamese human hair has good quality from traditional hair care methods

  • Furthermore, in Vietnam, hair collected from donors must be subjected to quality control by hair specialists at Vietnamese human hair factories. Once the Vietnamese human hair fulfills the specifications, it is put into manufacturing.

Moreover, Vietnam human hair is subjected to quality testing once more before being sold to dealers. Hair business owners can benefit from this in this strict quality control process.

Vietnamese human hair has great diversity

Another thing hair business owners should know is the range of Vietnamese human hair products. The reason for this is that the human hair collected by human hair in Vietnam producers is virgin hair. Hence, the hair is simple to maintain and can be dyed or bleached a different color.

Vietnamese human hair factories hair experts have many years of experience producing hair and researching in the Vietnamese human hair market. Finally, Vietnam hair manufacturers offer a diverse range of hair and can provide the kind and color of hair required by wholesalers. The most important thing is to keep your hair products in good variety for varied orders.


Vietnamese human hair has great diversity

For dealers looking for Vietnamese human hair that comes with the characteristics aforementioned, Queen Hair is one of Vietnam’s largest hair factory. Queen Hair is headquartered in Nigeria, although it operates a hair factory based in Vietnam. Queen Hair wants to assist African and Nigerian hair sellers in succeeding by providing high quality at a reasonable price. Contact us immediately if you are seeking the best Vietnamese human hair for your business.

Vietnamese human hair classification

To help you in understanding clearly the main categories of Vietnamese human hair that are currently common in the hair market. Here we divide Vietnamese human hair into three main types according to origins, textures and grades.

Vietnam human hair classification by origin

There are three main types of Vietnamese human hair in the hair market: virgin human hair, remy human hair and non-remy human hair. However, to ensure the highest quality Vietnamese human hair products, hair factories in Vietnam only supply 2 types of hair: virgin and remy Vietnamese human hair.


Vietnam human hair classification by origin

  • Virgin Vietnamese human hair

Vietnamese virgin hair is the highest product of Vietnamese human hair. This type of hair is collected in bundles of hair from only one Vietnamese donor. For Vietnamese human hair companies to import this Vietnamese human hair type, virgin hair must not be treated with chemicals such as dyeing, perming or bleaching. Because the hair is sourced from a donor, the cuticles are aligned in one direction and the hair is not tangled.

  • Remy Vietnamese human Hair

Vietnamese Remy Hair is the best alternative for Vietnamese virgin hair. Vietnam Remy Hair is a type of hair collected from many Vietnamese donors, tied together with intact cuticles and directed in the same direction. However, since Vietnamese Remy hair consists of several donated hairs in a bundle, bleaching and dyeing can result in a variety of colours.


Virgin and Remy Vietnamese human hair

Vietnamese human hair types above can be chosen by hair extension service providers according to their business needs. Vietnamese virgin hair is the best choice if you want to style your purchased Vietnamese human hair the way you want. Due to their highest quality, virgin human hair in Vietnam is the most pricey and difficult to obtain of the two aforementioned hair varieties. If you are going to buy a hairstyle to make a simple hairstyle, remy Vietnam human hair is perfect and will help you save a lot of money.

Vietnamese human hair classified by grade

According to each country’s hair classification, criteria are applied to determine the hair grade. To compare differences in Vietnamese human hair, we use the most common standards.

  • Super Double Drawn Vietnamese human hair: The ultimate Vietnam human hair rating for customers who demand the highest level of quality. 85% to 95% of the hair strands are the same length which is listed, only 5%-10% is shorter hair.
  • Double Drawn Vietnamese Human Hair: This is the most common Vietnamese human hair, good quality and low price. 70%-75% is the listed length, the rest are short.
  • Single Drawn Vietnamese Human Hair: This is the cheapest hairstyle among the three hairstyles because it saves money by combining short hair with short hair. 60%-70%% of the hair length is sufficient and the rest is short hair.

Vietnamese human hair classified by grade

As a result, hair wholesalers should use double drawn Vietnamese human hair or super double drawn Vietnamese human hair for your business to ensure the highest quality and cost-effectiveness.

Vietnamese human hair classified by texture

The texture of the product is the next crucial piece of information about Vietnamese human hair. The four primary forms of raw hair from Vietnam produced by Vietnamese human hair manufacturers are Vietnamese straight hair, Vietnamese straight hair, Vietnamese curly hair, and Vietnamese braided hair.

  • Natural Straight Vietnamese Human Hair: As the name implies, Natural Straight Vietnamese Human Hair is hair that has not been chemically straightened. Because this hair is naturally straight, it is simple to create a variety of hairstyles.
  • Bone straight Vietnamese Human Hair: Unlike natural straight Vietnamese human hair, straight-bone human hair in Vietnam is used for heat straight hair. So, straight Vietnamese bone hair looks silky and flat from top to bottom. Bone straight Vietnamese human hair cannot be styled, looks flat and cannot be curled. Don’t use straighteners or curling irons. If you try to curl bone straight hair, it will fall out quickly.

Vietnamese human hair classified by texture

  • Curly Vietnamese Human Hair: Vietnamese human hair is of very good quality, so you can create a variety of curly hair. Bouncy curly hair, egg-shaped curly ends, …
  • Wavy Vietnamese Human Hair: Like curly hair, Vietnamese wavy hair comes in a wide variety of hairstyles, lengths, and hair colours. There are several popular Vietnamese wavy hairstyles, such as body wave hair, natural wave, deep wave, etc.

We can see from the hairstyles shown above that Vietnamese hair may be styled in a variety of ways. The most essential element, however, is that these hairstyles keep their outstanding quality in each hairdo. Furthermore, if you want to design a hairstyle for your company, please contact Vietnamese hair factories for the most complete assistance.

Chinese, Indian and Vietnamese human hair comparison

Chinese, Indian and Vietnamese Human Hair are the three most commonly used hair types in the hair market. However, different hair types have different characteristics such as price, quality, product range, etc.

Chinese, Indian and Vietnamese human hair price comparison.

Chinese hair is one of the cheapest haircuts on the market, starting at $34 per bundle. After that, Vietnamese human hair is slightly cheaper than Chinese (at $8,8 per bundle). The most expensive of these three types of hair is Indian hair (starting at $9 per bundle).


Chinese, Indian and Vietnamese human hair comparison

The reason is that Chinese and Indian hair is collected in a completely different way than Vietnamese human hair. Chinese hair manufacturers collect hair from several countries like Cambodia, Vietnam and India and make products out of the mixed hair. Indian hair will be collected from temples, where Indians voluntarily donate their hair to the gods as a part of religion, however loose standards have resulted in insanitary practices and smaller production scale, hence raising the price. As a result, Chinese hair vendors can sell a lot of hair at a lower cost to hair companies in Vietnam and India.

Vietnamese human hair is collected very differently from Indian or Chinese hair. There are areas in Vietnam where people grow their hair and sell it to Vietnamese human hair companies. As a result, hair factories in Vietnam cannot purchase in bulk and have to buy and sell hair from donors, so the price of Vietnamese human hair is the highest comparing to Chinese and Indian hair.

Chinese, Indian and Vietnamese human hair quality comparison

Compared to Vietnamese human hair, Chinese hair is cheaper and Indian hair is more abundant as described earlier. However, you should not rely too much on price when buying hair products. Therefore, the three types of hair differ in quality and not.

  • Vietnamese human hair is famous for its excellent quality and affordable price. In addition, the healthy lifestyle of Vietnamese human hair donors helps clients to keep their human hair from Vietnam lasting for up to two years if they know how to properly take care of it.

Vietnamese human hair is famous for its excellent quality

  • With access to cheap labour and advanced technology, Chinese hair is well known as an industrial product and cheap commodity. As a result, Chinese hair can be considered very affordable. However, many hair business owners claim that Chinese hair has good appearance at the beginning, but eventually depreciates and falls out easily.
  • Due to the lowest price on the market, Indian hair is the lowest quality of the three hair types listed above. Indian natural hair is often thin, brittle and frizzy and difficult to style. To style, you must first straighten your Indian hair before you can style it. This makes the already weakened Indian hair even weaker.

By comparing the quality of Chinese, Indian and Vietnamese Human Hair, you can see the difference in the hair quality of Vietnamese, Indian and Chinese hair. It can be said that Vietnamese human hair is of better quality than Indian or Chinese hair. Nevertheless, if you wish to enhance the product quality of hair companies, Vietnamese human hair is the best choice.

Comparison of diversity of Chinese, Indian and Vietnamese human Hair

The affordable product range is a significant benefit that can help increase the number of people buying hair. So, what are the differences between Chinese, Indian and Vietnamese Human Hair in terms of versatility?

  • You can find various hairstyles, shades and lengths made by Vietnamese human hair on social media. Also, Vietnamese human hair can be dyed in any hairstyle and colour while maintaining high quality. Customers buying Vietnam human hair can make their hairstyles with their own brand. As mentioned earlier, Vietnamese hair is easy to style because natural hair is very good and no treatment is required before styling.

Vietnamese human hair is very versatile

  • Like Vietnamese hair, Chinese hair is very versatile. Because the hair factory uses advanced technologies to make the hair, the Chinese hairstyle will have a unique style. However, Chinese hair looks very beautiful because hair is often used together with styling chemicals, but the usage period is subpar compared to Vietnamese human hair (5 to 7 months).
  • On the other hand, Indian hair is limited in that it is limited to not many hair styles. This is because that Indian hair is naturally curly, whereas straight hair is required to create a hairstyle. As a result, once the hair is collected, it must undergo a pretreatment step to straighten it before styling. Indian hair, which is already brittle after styling, becomes much weaker as a result. As a result, making a new hairstyle is difficult.

Overall comparison of Chinese, Indian and Vietnamese human Hair

After identifying the differences between Chinese, Indian and Vietnamese Human Hair. We conclude that Chinese hair is the best choice for your business if you are looking for short term economic benefits and don’t care too much about hair quality or longevity. Conversely, it ensures a stable and quality supply. Vietnamese human hair will be the best choice for your business in terms of increasing the proportion of returning consumers for sourcing and purchasing.

Top 5 Vietnamese Human Hair Suppliers

Check out the top 5 Vietnamese Human Hair suppliers mentioned in this list, helping you to purchase Vietnamese human hair at the best price. They can also advise on how to run a successful company to maximize profits.

Queen Hair – #1 Vietnamese Human Hair supplier

Queen Hair is among the most prestigious hair manufacturers in Vietnam and one of the suppliers of high-quality hair in the hair industry. Queen Hair offers our customers significant cost-effectiveness by offering high-quality hair products at factory prices in many markets.


Queen Hair – #1 Vietnamese Human Hair supplier

  • Queen Hair does custom orders for styling and hair colouring according to customer needs. As a result, customers have a wide range of products to choose from when purchasing from Queen Hair.
  • Other benefits of hair dealers is that Queen Hair Factory has consistent product flow. The Vietnamese government supports the export of hair to other countries, and the political environment in Vietnam is very stable. As a result, hair businesses purchasing Vietnamese human hair from Queen Hair can expect a stable supply of products.
  • Queen Hair has got a hair showroom in Nigeria to help you in developing your hair business.
  • Queen Hair makes it simpler for people who need to check the quality of our Vietnamese human hair by making our minimum order small quantities, starting with 3 bundle

Queen Hair presents hair product applications tailor-made for your needs, including big hair brands, new entrepreneurs, small businesses, and so on. When you purchase from us, you`ll additionally get professional hair guidance and business tips to help you in attracting new customers and grow revenues. Please reach our sales managers or visit for any further details!


Queen Hair presents Vietnamese human hair product tailor-made for your needs

  • Main products: Raw Vietnamese human hair, human hair extensions
  • Shipment: All major worldwide shipping agencies, Chinese agent, Nigerian agent,…
  • Payment: Naira agent, Credit cards, Banking

K-Hair – Top 2 Vietnamese human hair supplier

K-Hair is a Vietnamese human hair vendor with more than 30 years of seniority in producing Vietnamese natural hair. They offer the best virgin Vietnamese hair made exclusively from Vietnamese human hair. Although K-Hair is based in Vietnam, most of its customers are Nigerians. Vietnamese women’s hair is naturally quite coarse and the hair they offer are of excellent quality due to their healthy lifestyle.


K-Hair – Top 2 Vietnamese human hair supplier

  • Main products: 100% Vietnamese human hair
  • Shipment: DHL, FedEx
  • Payments: Major credit cards, Naira agents

5S Hair – Top 3 Hair Vendors in Vietnam

5S Hair is among the first Vietnamese human hair manufacturers. After years of making Vietnamese human hairstyles, 5S Hair decided to enter the market. The first direction is to become a wholesale hair vendor, providing high-quality Vietnamese human hair products as well as various hair types such as weft, wavy hair, straight hair, wavy hair, etc. in Europe.


5S Hair – Top 3 Hair Vendors in Vietnam

  • Main products: weave hair, pre-bonded hair, hair tapes
  • Shipment: Fedex, DHL
  • Payment: Credit cards, Naira Agent

Ruby Hair – Top 4 Vietnamese Human Hair supplier

Ruby Hair is a Vietnamese human hair manufacturer with a long-running time of Vietnamese human hair production and marketing. The hair industry, accustomed to working with a lot of customers in Europe, requires high-quality products and competent service. As a result, their Vietnamese human hair deserves to be considered as one of the best hair suppliers in Vietnam.

  • Main Products: Remy Vietnamese human hair.
  • Shipping: DHL, FedEx
  • Payment: Credit cards, bank transfer

Luna Hair – Top 5 Vietnamese Human Hair supplier


Luna Hair – Top 5 Vietnamese Human Hair supplier

Luna Hair has been in business for 5 years as one of the top Vietnamese hair vendors. They offer not only Vietnamese human hair manufactured from human hair, but also bone straight hair, weaved hair, and so on. Luna Hair focuses on Asians and introduces their products to the market. As a result, their hair products are more ideal for Asians, as the warm environment of Asia allows them to maintain them for a longer period of time.

According to the facts in the article, we hope you learned more about Vietnamese human hair and were able to select the finest Vietnamese human hair provider for your company. Please hit Queen Hair up on social media right away if you have any queries!

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