For those who are looking for high quality hair at an affordable price, single drawn hair will be an option that you cannot pass up. Let’s find out with Queen Hair why this hair type is being chosen by so many hair extensions dealers in this article.

What is single drawn hair 

Single drawn hair is one of 3 grades including: single, double, super double drawn hair. This grade determines the percentage of equal lengths of hairs on a hair bundle. single drawn hair is mixed with short items to save money. 60–70% of the hair length is adequate cm, with the rest being short hair. Therefore, single drawn hair will have the characteristic of thickening at the roots and thinning at the ends.


what is single drawn hair

Single drawn hair is formed by measuring the hair with a cotton measuring tape; the length of the hair is up to you. After that, the hair is brushed to get the greatest hair length. Next, the hair will be tied with a rubber band and all split ends will be removed. Finally, the producer tries to thin down the hair ends to make it seem natural before beginning to weave the hair into the weft.

Classification single drawn hair 

Single drawn hair is grouped into numerous groups based on a range of variables. However, you may base your decision on two key criteria: the origin and texture. We will let you know many types of single drawn hair right below.

Classification single drawn hair based on origin 

Virgin hair, remy hair, and non-remy hair are the three basic forms of single drawn hair available on the market. We will examine several elements in order to provide you with as objective a perspective as possible. So is So is single drawn hair good? Here is the answer!


Classification single drawn hair based on origin

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  • Virgin single drawn hair: is the greatest quality of single drawn hair is virgin single drawn hair. This hair type will only come from one hair donor in a hair bundle. In order for hair firms to import virgin single drawn hair, it must not have been treated with chemicals such as dyeing, perming, or bleaching. The cuticles will be aligned in the same direction and the hair will be tangle-free because the hair is from a donor.
  • Remy single drawn hair: When compared to single drawn virgin hair, single drawn remy hair is a superior option. Single drawn remy hair is a type of hair that has been bundled up with the cuticles intact and orientated in one direction from several hair donors. Because single drawn remy hair is made up of hair from several donors that have the same hair characteristic in one bundle, it can still be dyed into many colors. However, the only drawback of single drawn remy is that it can not be bleached to too light color.
  • Non- remy single drawn hair: Non remy single drawn hair is a type of hair that is collected from public bathrooms, salons, and random groups of hair contributors. The hair qualities are varied and unreliable, resulting in low quality. And this is the cheapest and lowest quality form of single drawn hair.

Classification single drawn hair based on texture

The texture of single drawn hair is the most important thing to understand. The four forms of single drawn hair are natural single drawn straight hair, bone straight single drawn hair, curly single drawn hair, and wave single drawn hair.


Classification single drawn hair based on texture

  • Natural straight single drawn hair: As the name suggests, natural straight single drawn hair is hair that hasn’t been chemically straightened. Because this hair is naturally straight, a variety of hairstyles will be simple to create
  • Bone straight single drawn hair: different from natural straight single drawn hair in that it is used to straighten the hair with heat. As a result, single drawn hair that is bone straight is smooth and appears flat from top to bottom. Single drawn hair that is bone straight cannot be restyled and feels flat; it also cannot be curled. The use of bending rollers, a tonging machine, or a hair curler is not required. When you curl bone straight hair, it quickly falls flat.
  • Curly single drawn hair: It can only be used to produce a limited number of various curly hairstyles. Because the hair strands in a single pulled hair bundle are not all the same length, the curls will be uneven when curled.
  • Wave single drawn hair: Like curly single drawn hair, single drawn hair hair is also limited in hairstyle. Body wave single drawn hair, natural single drawn hair wave, and single drawn hair deep wave are some of the most popular wave single drawn hair hairstyles.

queen hair curly hair, wavy hair

We can see from the hairstyles above that a single drawn hair may be used to produce a variety of different looks. The most crucial thing is that these hairstyles maintain a high level of quality in each one. Furthermore, if you want to develop a hairstyle for your company, please contact Queen Hair Factory for the most up-to-date guidance.

A detailed comparison of single drawn hair vs double drawn and super double drawn hair

Single drawn hair vs double drawn hair and super double drawn hair are the three forms of hair depending on grade. If you don’t know the distinction between three hair kinds, you could make a business judgment that isn’t the best. Now we’ll take a closer look at the differences between super double drawn hair and single or double drawn hair to help you answer the question “is single drawn hair good?”

Single Drawn Hair Double drawn hair Super double drawn hair
Features 60–65% of hair strands are the same length. 70–80% of hair strands are the same length. 90– 95% of hair strands are the same length.
Thickness Thinner at the ends and the middle. Thicker at the roots Thinner at the ends. Thicker at the roots and the middle From top to bottom, it’s thick and robust.
Price Lowest Affordable Highest

To summarize, the first one represents the lowest price among single drawn hair, double drawn hair, and super double drawn hair. Single drawn hair can satisfy clients who desire a low-cost product that is yet of good quality. However, keep in mind that a single drawn hairstyle may only be restyled to a limited number of different hairstyles. So single or double drawn hair, which one should you choose for your business? The answer is double drawn hair and super double drawn hair is the ideal choice for your business if you want to create any style of hair extensions.

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Identify single drawn hair in a variety ways

After providing you with a wealth of useful information, we’ll provide suppliers some pointers on how to accurately recognize single drawn hair in the next section. As a result, you can only prevent some scams and have better confidence in selecting your own source.


Identify single drawn hair in a variety ways

  • Identify single drawn hair by appearance

There is one distinguishing trait of single drawn hair that may be recognized without touching it. Because of the thickness of a single drawn hair at the roots and thinness at the ends in a bundle, we can easily see that single drawn hair will look full on the top half of the bundle and then thinning down.

  • Identify single drawn hair by touching 

You can leave your hair vertically and hold it at the ends and part it. If it is a single drawn hair, when the hair is broken, the short hairs will be exposed, which is the easiest sign to recognize the single drawn hair by touch.

In addition, touching a single drawn hair with your palm is another method to recognize it. After swiping the hair from root to end a few times, your fingertips can feel the fullness from the roots to the center of the hair bundle, then thinned towards the end. You’ll know you’ve found the proper one when this happens.

Despite the fact that we have provided you with two techniques of single drawn hair identification, we believe that the ideal way is to choose a trustworthy and long-standing firm. Queen Hair is a reputable source for extraordinary single drawn Vietnamese hair, with over ten years of expertise.

Top 5 reliable hair wholesalers supply single drawn hair

To make finding credible wholesale hair vendors who supply single drawn hair for your business simple. We’ll go through 5 reliable wholesale hair vendors with whom many hair salons have worked.

Queen Hair – Top 1 hair wholesaler supply single drawn hair

Queen Hair, the best Vietnam hair wholesalers, has a decade of expertise producing and delivering high-quality Vietnamese hair. Queen Hair has many salesmen to serve our customers with Vietnamese hair, including Vietnamese single drawn hair. Queen Hair also has a variety of Vietnamese hairstyles to assist you in selecting the best hair products for your customers.


Queen Hair – Top 1 hair wholesaler supply single drawn hair

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  • Quality control: Queen Hair is a wholesale hair manufacturer with hundreds of employees. Queen Hair has its own raw material location, allowing it to maintain complete control over the quality of the hair from start to finish.
  • Main hair products: wholesale hair products such as single drawn straight hair, bone straight hair, curly hair, wavy hair, closure,… of Queen Hair are 100% premium quality Vietnamese hair.
  • Professional service: in Nigeria, we have a 24/7 hotline to assist clients in quickly resolving any issues they may have with our company. We aim to give the greatest hair products and customer service to customers all across the hair market, ensuring that they are happy with their purchases.
  • Feedbacks: We supply hair products to many of the world’s best hair brands, and we have a lot of 5-star reviews

    Queen Hair feedback

To sum up, to find Vietnamese hair products with high quality, reasonable price and professional customer service for the Nigeria hair market, Queen Hair is one of the choices you cannot ignore. In addition, we also have a team of hair experts to help advise on how to run your hair business most effectively. You can visit for more information.

K-Hair – Top 2 hair wholesaler supply single drawn hair

K- Hair is a reputed hair wholesaler where you can purchase Vietnamese virgin hair with single drawn grade, with the majority of clients coming from Nigeria. All of the hair is virgin human hair, sourced only from female donors and guaranteed to be clean.

  • K-Hair owns a hair factory, so they promise clients wholesale hair extensions at factory costs.
  • Main product:Hair extensions from K-Hair are 100 percent virgin and Remy hair in a variety of styles. Their specialist can help you personalize or purchase wholesale hair extensions.
  • Price: Because of the brand advantage, K-hair Hair’s extensions are more expensive than those offered by certain Vietnamese vendors, but the quality is still acceptable. 
  • Customer comments: K-Hair receives a lot of positive feedback from consumers regarding the quality of their hair.

    K-Hair – Top 2 hair wholesaler supply single drawn hair

If you want to find a good Vietnamese virgin hair source, K-Hair will be a consideration choice for you. K-Hair with many hair experts will help you grow your business.

1 Hair Stop – Top 3 hair wholesalers supply single drawn hair

1 Hair Stop has more than 10 years of experience in the hair extensions business, working with numerous hair wholesalers in India. In addition, 1 Hair Stop is chosen by many hair wholesalers by this tape-in and clip-in hair

  • Their main product is single drawn clip-in hair extensions, with numerous styles made completely of human remy hair extensions. 
  • Target market: these hair wholesalers’ Indian market is mostly focused on India and Europe. 
  • Price: Because of the low price in Indian hair, 1 Hair Stop will bring for any hair wholesalers a good price. 

For those who want to buy Indian hair at a low price in the hair market, 1 Hair Stop is suitable for your business. 

5S Hair – Top 4 hair wholesalers supply single drawn hair 

5S Hair is one of the earliest Vietnamese hair wholesalers and good hair vendors, providing 100 percent high-quality Vietnamese human hair. Hair extensions are generally sold in Europe, and they ship to wholesale hair merchants all over the world, including Spain, the United States, Brazil, and Russia.

  • Main products: 5S hair mostly supply virgin hair extensions, clip-in hair extensions, tip/tape hair extensions in single drawn grade.

    5S Hair – Top 4 hair wholesalers supply single drawn hair

  • Price: The wholesale hair extensions offered by 5S Hair Factory are one of the best in Vietnam and are fairly affordable when compared to international pricing.

5S hair supplies Vietnamese hair such as clip-in, tape-in hair with competitive prices. Their product will match with European hair wholesalers. 

SGI Hair – Top 5 hair wholesalers supply single drawn hair 

SGI Hair, one of India’s first hair wholesalers, started in 2008, bringing with it a plethora of experience in the creation of single drawn hair extensions. 

  • SGI Hair is a hair extension wholesaler that supplies a wide range of single drawn hair extensions:Clip-in hair, tape-in hair, sew-in hair,….
  • SGI also offers a number of discounts monthly, weekly, and… Their prices are likely to be lower than those of other hair extension companies when they have large sales. Hair extension merchants who choose the right time to examine such huge reductions will benefit greatly and save a lot of money.

After all, we’ve already given you a lot of information about single drawn hair. I hope it helps you in your company. If you have any further questions regarding related hair products or are looking to buy hair extensions in bulk, call Queen Hair’s hair professionals right now to get the best guidance and wholesale rates for your business.

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