If you are looking for the best hair vendor on Alibaba, this is a great choice for your hair business. This article gives you three criteria to find the best hair vendor on Alibaba as well as basic information about the top 10 best hair vendors on Alibaba.

Criteria of “best hair vendor on Alibaba”

Before getting into how to find good hair vendors on alibaba, there are several ways to define what is “best” for your hair shop. While the concept of “best hair vendor on Alibaba” may differ from one company to the next, below are the criteria we used to rank the good hair vendor from Alibaba.


Best hair vendor on Alibaba

Best hair vendor on Alibaba supply hair with the best price

It might be challenging to find best hair vendors on Alibaba since there are so many alternatives available. On the surface, you could believe that “the lower the rate, the better.” That is right, since this will have a direct impact on your service, however there are a few more factors to consider:

  • Best hair vendor on Alibaba is a manufacturer: If best hair supplier on Alibaba is a reseller, they would buy the items from the suppliers at a low price and offer them to you, the hair company owner. When you buy hair extensions from a reseller, you’re paying extra for a third-party offering. Finding the best hair vendor on Alibaba who are manufacturers or as near to the source as possible would be a great idea.

Best hair vendor on Alibaba supply hair with the best price

  • Best hair vendor on Alibaba have a cost advantage in terms of delivery: While looking for good hair vendors on Alibaba, you should also consider delivery costs. The best hair vendor on Alibaba have a lot of expertise carrying their products, so they’ll know how to deal with delivery agents and save money. Furthermore, after you achieve a specific purchase volume, the best hair vendor on Alibaba will provide discounts or even free delivery.

Best hair vendor on Alibaba supply great product diversity

Best hair vendors on Alibaba have a good insight into their clients’ preferences. Thus , they can easily keep up with the most fashionable hairstyles and hair colors, contributing to a wide range of hair products from the best wholesale hair vendors. Hairstyles include natural straight, bone straight, curly and wavy hair, closures, and frontals. The colors range from dark to light. It is clear from the catalog of best hair vendor on Alibaba.


Best hair vendor on Alibaba supply great product diversity

Raw hair, weave hair, single, double, and super double drawn, with varied textures, whether wave or bone straight, are all available in Queen Hair’s broad collection of Vietnamese human hair. You may also have the hair color and style customized to your preferences.

Best hair vendor on Alibaba supply hair with high quality

“Good quality” is a broad concept, and there are several publications online that describe what quality the best hair vendor on Alibaba should have. We’ve narrowed things down for you below:

  • Best hair vendor on Alibaba provides 100% human hair: Hair from the good Alibaba hair vendors is strong, silky, and shiny because it is made entirely of human hair. It has a 3-5 year life span. You can make various hairstyles, ranging from straight to curly. It can be bleached or dyed into the most fashionable colors, from dark to light.

Best hair vendor on Alibaba supply hair with high quality

  • Alibaba top hair vendors have a lot of good feedback: Before you purchase anything, read the comments and reviews about it. Choosing the best hair vendor on Alibaba should be done in the same way. Before making a decision, read what other purchasers were to comment about the seller. It will save you a significant amount of time, cash, and aggravation
  • Top hair vendor Alibaba have a lot of expertise in the hair industry: Every year, new hair producers spring up. As a consequence, many hair salon owners are forced to pay a premium for inferior items or fall prey to con artists. The seniority of the best hair vendor on Alibaba is a guarantee. A merchant who sells substandard items may make a profit initially, but he or she will eventually go out of business. Because of the trust and reputation they have developed with their clients, the best hair vendor on Alibaba have been able to stay in business for a long time.

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Top 10 best hair vendor on Alibaba 

To help you find the top hair vendor on Alibaba that can provide you with high-quality hair. We’ll go through not only the top 5 hair vendor on Alibaba, but also the top 10 hair vendors on alibaba with best alibaba hair vendors and good cheap hair vendor or best hair vendors on alibaba on Alibaba who have worked with a variety of hair enterprises.

Queen Hair – Top 1 best hair vendor on Alibaba

Queen Hair has been recognized top Alibaba hair vendors and best alibaba hair vendors for many years, manufacturing and delivering high-quality Vietnamese hair at reasonable prices while giving professional services to all clients. Customers that buy from us will get timely and friendly service. As the good hair vendors on alibaba, we see you as more than a customer; you’re a collaborator with whom we can work to produce and deliver high-quality items to our customers.


Top 1 best hair vendor on Alibaba

  • Quality control: Queen Hair is a huge hair supplier with hundreds of employees who are in charge of quality control. Queen Hair has a location at a raw material facility, providing us complete control over the quality of the hair from start to finish.
  • Diversity: Queen Hair’s hair is among many good hair vendors on the market. We only used hair from Vietnamese donors, so it won’t be mingled with hair from other countries. Hair dealers may tailor hair from us to whatever sort of hair you want, while still maintaining high quality, so it can be made with numerous hairstyles.
  • Price: Queen Hair not only provides the finest quality Vietnamese hair, but we also offer an inexpensive price for reselling hair vendor from other countries. Furthermore, we have a number of procedures in place to assist our consumers in purchasing hair with a minimum purchase of three bundles to ensure quality.
  • Service: We have a number of hair consultants starting from 3 years of expertise who can assist consumers in quickly resolving any issues they may have with our company. We work hard to give the greatest hair products and services to customers all around the globe, ensuring that they are happy with their orders.

To conclude, Queen Hair is one of the top ten hair vendor on Alibaba and good alibaba hair vendors you can’t ignore if you’re seeking high-quality Vietnamese hair supplies at a reasonable price with exceptional customer service for the hair market. Furthermore, we have a team of hair specialists that can assist you in running your hair salon more effectively when it comes to good Alibaba hair vendors.

K-Hair – Top 2 best hair vendor on Alibaba

K- Hair is the best hair vendor on Alibaba, offering Vietnamese virgin hair in a variety of styles, with the majority of its clients being from Africa. The hair is 100% virgin and comes from just female donors, so you can be sure it’s pure.


Top 2 best hair vendor on Alibaba

  • Price: K-Hair can provide the best Vietnamese hair vendors‘ costs since they own a hair factory.
  • Main products: K-Hair has a variety of virgin hair extensions to choose from. Their professional can help you customize or buy wholesale hair extensions.
  • Customer reviews: K-hair Hair’s quality has gained a lot of compliments from clients.

K-Hair should be at the top of your list if you’re seeking for reputable Vietnamese wholesale virgin hair suppliers. K-Hair will help you in growing your business by having multiple hair specialists on staff.

5S Hair – Top 3 best hair vendor on Alibaba 

5S Hair is one of Vietnam’s earliest and best hair vendors on Alibaba, specializing in 100% high-quality Vietnamese hair. Hair extensions are generally sold in Europe and sent to wholesale hair shops in places like Spain, the United States, and England.


Top 3 best hair vendor on Alibaba

  • Main product: With most of customer from Europe, 5S hair supplies many types of hair extension: clip-in hair, and tip/tape hair extensions
  • Price: 5S Hair with competitive prices are among the top in Vietnam and are affordable when compared to many best hair vendor on Alibaba.

5S Hair sells Vietnamese hair, such as clip-in and tape-in hair, at an affordable pricing. Their product will work with wholesale raw hair dealers in Europe.

1 Hair Stop – Top 4 best hair vendor on Alibaba

1 Hair Stop has over 10 years of experience in the hair extensions sector, having collaborated with a number of Alibaba’s finest Indian hair sellers. Furthermore, many hair distributors like the tape-in and clip-in hair from 1 Hair Stop.


Top 4 best hair vendor on Alibaba

  • Main product: 1 Hair Stop’s main product is clip-in and tape-in hair extensions, which come in a range of styles made completely of remy Indian hair extensions.
  • Target market: This India wholesale hair dealer focuses mostly on the Indian and European hair markets, with permanent hair extensions as their primary product.
  • Price: Because of the low cost of hair from Indian best hair vendor on Alibaba, 1 Hair Stop would give any hair wholesaler with a high level of economic efficiency.

1 Hair Stop is an excellent option for anyone searching to buy Indian hair from the best wholesale hair vendor on Alibaba for a fair price in the hair market.

Ted Hair – Top 5 best hair vendor on Alibaba

TedHair is a trusted partner in building your beauty business and one of China’s best hair vendor on Alibaba. They provide beauty professionals and company owners with turnkey business solutions and high-quality hair products at the best possible pricing, all while providing great customer service.


Top 5 best hair vendor on Alibaba

  • Main product: Ted hair primarily supplies hair from a variety of nations, including Brazilian, Indian, and Peruvian hair.
  • Price: Because hair comes from a variety of nations, the price varies. They sell hair at a variety of pricing, ranging from cheap to expensive.

Ted Hair is a good option for people looking for hair extensions from Brazil, India, or Peru. Ted Hair, on the other hand, may be utilized for a limited duration.

Unice hair – Top 6 best hair vendor on Alibaba 

Unice is dedicated to offering its consumers a diverse range of high-quality, carefully designed items that empower them to look and feel their best. They aspire to develop with their clients since their goods will be there for them as they become self-assured trend-setters and fearless leaders.


Top 6 best hair vendor on Alibaba

  • Main products: Wigs, closure, hair weaves,…
  • Price: Unice provide wide range of price with many promotions and package to save money for their customers

XuChang Beauty hair – Top 7 best hair vendor on Alibaba

Xuchang Beauty Hair. was founded in 1999. They are a dependable producer and professional supplier of 100% human hair that processes and supplies a wide range of products.


Top 7 best hair vendor on Alibaba

  • Main products: For over 19 years, Xuchang Beauty Hair have been providing customers in the European, American, Japanese, and Oceanian markets with 100% human hair weft, virgin hair extensions, wigs, synthetic hair.
  • Price: XuChang Beauty Hair also provides synthetic hair, so their price will start from 7.88$ per wigs made by synthetic hair.

Xuchang Kyra Products – Top 8 best hair vendor on Alibaba

Xuchang Kyra Products has established a reputation for supplying high-quality hair products and services. Superior client satisfaction is a key approach. Kyra Products is continually analyzing market demands all across the globe in order to be the best hair vendor on Alibaba and produce the most up-to-date hairstyles.


Top 8 best hair vendor on Alibaba

  • Main product: Xuchang Kyra Products Co., Ltd. is a Chinese hair production firm that specializes in high-quality wigs, lace wigs, hair weaves, hair extensions, and accessories.

Loks Industrial Limited – Top 9 best hair vendor on Alibaba 

Loks Industrial Limited, based in Guangzhou, China, is a professional producer and supplier of hair extension goods with over 10 years of international trading experience.


Top 9 best hair vendor on Alibaba

  • Main product: Indian hair, Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Cambodian hair, Vietnamese hair, Malaysian hair, Mongolian hair, and Chinese hair are among the products offered by Loks Industrial Limited.
  • Price: Loks Industrial Limited provides a very competitive price with other best hair vendor on Alibaba.

Changge Elegant Hair Products – Top 10 best hair vendor on Alibaba

Changge Elegant Hair Products, situated in Xuchang, China’s biggest hair collecting and distribution center, is a recognized human hair product manufacturer and exporter. Thanks to their great management team and professionals, they have developed fast since its debut in 2010.


Top 10 best hair vendor on Alibaba

  • Main product: The main products in their company are 100% human hair products, like: Braid hair extensions, remy hair extensions, weft hair extensions, bulk hair extensions,…
  • Price: Hair products provided by Changge Elegant Hair Products are quite cheap, they start from 6.99USD.

After all, we’ve already given you a plethora of information on top Alibaba hair vendor 2022. I hope it will be useful to you and your company. Contact Queen Hair’s hair advisors right now for the best guidance and wholesale prices for your business if you have any additional questions about related hair goods or want to buy hair extensions wholesale.

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