Valentine season is coming, this is a big holiday that any business cannot ignore. Towards explosive valentine profits in the hair industry, Queen Hair recommends you some of the most trending hairstyles for Valentine hair weave and valentine hairstyles in 2022

Overview of the Valentine hair weave in 2022

With the meaning towards sweetness and giving love to those around, Valentine is chosen by businessmen as an occasion to promote sales and improve profits. The hair industry is the same, this is the time of year when the demand for beauty is high. Let’s have an overview of Valentine hair weave in 2022 with Queen Hair.

  • Valentine’s Day is an occasion for all items to be sold at a high profit. Many hair markets have seen slight increases of 5%-10% in the price of hair products, but consumption is still overwhelming. When men will pay attention to gifts, and women will pay attention to beauty. This is the time when businesses should focus on valentine hair weave to boost their profits.
  • If you are a hair trader, prepare a lot of goods for the Valentine hair weave and valentine weaves hairstyles. The consumption of beauty products on Valentine’s Day is very large, not only cosmetics but also clothes and hair products are popular items. Therefore, it is a pity if you do not have enough goods when consumer purchasing power is at its peak.

Trending Valentine hair weave 2022

To have a successful Valentine hair weave business season, you need to prepare everything right now. Contact a reliable wholesale vendor for hair to get enough stock before the time comes. The consumption of consumers on Valentine’s Day is huge, this is an opportunity not to be missed.

Top 10 hairstyles in Valentine hair weave 2022

Valentine’s Day this year will take place in a different way due to the Covid-19 epidemic, but the need for beauty is immortal. After investigating the market, Queen Hair recommends hair products that will become trending for valentine hair weave 2022

Bone straight hair – Top 1 hairstyles in Valentine hair weave

Bone straight hair is one of the hottest items for Christmas 2021. And it shows no signs of slowing down this year’s Valentine hair weave 2022. This is a much sought-after hairstyle, with good quality, various colors, and easy restyles. This is a smart choice on Valentine hair weave collection. This hair type – bone straight hairs are popular with colors such as natural black, wine, orange, blonde, pink…

  • The characteristics of bone straight hair make many people love it because of its high quality. Outstanding characteristics of bone straight hair are mainly made up of 100% human hair and very smooth, shinning. Especially, the best quality bone straight hair is always coming from Vietnam wholesale hair vendors. Vietnamese straight hair is silky, lustrous, and resistant to tangling, shedding, or breaking.
  • Besides, bone straight hair is suitable for all face types, body shapes, and skin colors. You can easily mix clothes when you have a bone straight hair hairstyle. Keeping up with the trend of Valentine hair weave, bone straight hair is a category worth buying

Diversity color of bone straight hair Valentine hair weave

This type of hair does not tangle because of the fact that the hairs are free and strong. This is the type of hair that most customers love. Therefore, it is always at the forefront of trends in the hair industry. Especially in the valentine hair weave, this is a hairstyle that cannot be missed.

Pixie Hair Style – Top 2 hairstyles in Valentine hair weave

Pixie hair style is popular in recent years. The boom of pixie hair style is the biggest on Valentine weave hair every year. However, until now pixie hair style is still loved by the majority of women, especially in Nigeria.

  • Pixie hair style brings splendor to its wearer. With its bouncy nature, the curly layers make it easy for the user to become attractive and shiny.
  • Pixie hair style is suitable for many fashion styles. However, pixie hair style will make you stand out more when dressing sophisticatedly or seductively. Pixie hair style was born for those who want to stand out from the crowd. And Valentine hair weave is the perfect time for you to sell pixie hair style

Pixie curl is top Valentine hair weave

The need to be the focus of Valentine’s gatherings will increase. Pixie hair style is the item worth betting on valentine hair weave. With its special features, for sure, pixie hair style will sell out.

Body wave – Top 3 hairstyles in Valentine hair weave

Body wave is popular because it makes its owner look lithe and light. In the collection of valentine hair weave, Body wave is still considered the top favorite hair type with outstanding features.

  • Body wave is a timeless classic style. This hairstyle is ideal for fine hair that isn’t too tight or too loose. This extension will make you seem natural. It fits various face shapes and styles. Also, the body’s wavy hair is made of real hair, therefore the quality is superb.
  • You may easily bleach or color it, but you should not do so for long-term usage. The hair has indeed been chemically treated at the factory, so do not color it yourself. Instead, import body waves with various hair hues.

Body Wave Top 3 Valentine hair weave

Body waves are a gorgeous and timeless hairdo. There are large markets in Nigeria, USA, Canada, and Europe where it is enjoyed and exported. Body wave is the trend in valentine hair weave.

Bone Straight piano color – Top 4 hairstyles in Valentine hair weave

Piano color is chosen by many customer. There are many shades of piano color such as orange piano color, pink piano color…Bone straight hair mix piano color has beautiful appearence and attracts many people. That is why this is top trending hairstyles in Valentine hair weave 2022.


Bone straight hair piano color for Valentine hair weave idear

Almost hair factory can produce piano color but not 100% hair factories supply beautiful bone straight piano color. You can send picture shade of piano color that you need to factory. They will customize for your order

Egg curly – Top 5 hairstyles in Valentine hair weave

Customers who love elegance will never pass up egg curly. With the feature that never goes out of style, this is the first item from the profit for both you and your customers in Valentine hair weave.

  • Egg curly has long been a staple. It may make the wearer appear more appealing and elegant. No one can resist Egg curly’s grace and sweetness. Because the hair is human from some units like Queen Hair, it is highly natural and of excellent quality. This hair extension is tangle, shedding, and split end free.
  • One of the most famous egg curly colors is the Ombre color. It shines and stands out. Consumers looking for the right hairstyle for Valentine’s hair weave cannot ignore Egg curly. You will realize how famous it is when you start selling them to customers.

Bob Hair – Top 6 hairstyles in Valentine hair weave

Bob Hair is highly sought after all around the globe, particularly in Africa with superior quality and long-lasting durability. Bob hair is one of the most popular haircuts in the category, which attracts more and more clients to Valentine hair weave.
Bob hairstyles may be used by men and women of many ages, features, and forms. Bob Hair is particularly well-suited for black ladies who like naturally straight hair with yet lovely curls. Bob hairstyles are bouncy and elegant, enhancing your bright and noble appearance in Valentine hair weave.
Possessing many trending colors such as: brown, yellow, …. Bob hair is strongly sought after in Valentine hair weave. This is a must-have item these days. Queen Hair advises you to keep an eye on Valentine’s hair weave.

Bone straight Wine Color – Top 7 hairstyles in Valentine hair weave

Wine color bone straight hair is also top of best seller in many hair factory. This style can match with many face, clothes…Your hair business will promote dramatically in this Valentine season if you prepare this color in stock soon.


Bone straight hair wine color Valentine hair weave

Loose Wavy – Top 8 hairstyles in Valentine hair weave

Loose Wavy is also a sought-after item in Valentine hair weave thanks to its youthfulness and elegance. It is so popular in Nigeria that Vietnamese hair suppliers like Queen Hair sell out of these products during the Valentine seasons.


Loose Wave Top Valentine hair weave

Loose Wavy is a very lightweight material that gives it a very natural appearance. Due to the fact that Queen Hair is produced of human hair, the hair is of great quality and may blend in seamlessly with the user’s natural hair. The first time you use this product, people will probably assume it’s your own hair since it’s so strong, smooth, silky, and tense, and it doesn’t fall out like natural hair.

See more: How to import hair from Vietnam to Nigeria

Circle Curl – Top 9 hairstyles in Valentine hair weave

Circle Curl is popular for its special and cool appearance. Many customers are willing to pay a lot of money to own this type of hair. If you are a business person, Circle Curl will help you increase your profits in Valentine hair weave.

Circle Curl has a unique and captivating appearance. It has an athletic and extremely personal feel to it, and users of Circle Curl often bring a unique and contemporary style. Furthermore, Queen Hair provides this hair that is created from human hair, which means that it has outstanding quality characteristics such as being very soft, supple, tangling clear, and not losing or having split ends.

Natural wave Vietnamese – Top 10 hairstyles in Valentine hair weave

Natural wave Vietnamese comes from naturally curly hair in Vietnam. It is famous all over the world for its extreme naturalness. Today, natural beauty is increasingly focused, in Valentine hair weave. Natural wave Vietnamese is loved by traders and consumers alike.

  • Having natural wave Vietnamese in your hair is a popular hairstyle that will never go out of style. Hairstyles that are more natural in appearance are becoming more popular. Natural wavy hair is the hot item throughout this time period. It is made of human hair and can be designed to match the user’s natural hair firmly while still being of high quality.
  • Natural wave Vietnamese hair is extremely famous in Valentine hair weave, and Queen Hair, a Vietnamese hair vendor, is constantly aware of this. This season, choosing natural wave Vietnamese hair weave as the focal point of your Valentine hair weave will allow you to generate substantial income for your efforts.

Above are the types of hair that will be famous in Valentine hair weave. Queen Hair best hair factory in Vietnam hopes that you will not miss this opportunity to increase sales. Valentine is a sales occasion that no businessman wants to miss. Through market research, Queen Hair has suggested to you the products that bring the highest sales in the near future. With more than 20 years of experience in the hair industry, Queen Hair is confident about its 100% natural Vietnamese hair products. Please contact Queen Hair immediately to know more about the trending products in Valentine hair weave.


Queen Hair factory – reliable hair vendor for Valentine hair weave.

One of the most famous hair suppliers in Vietnam is Queen Hair. With more than 20 years of experience in the hair industry, Queen Hair always upholds human beauty and ethical business.


Queen Hair factory is reliable hair vendor for Valentine hair weave

Queen Hair’s main products such as bone straight hair, deep twist curl, … are all made from 100% human hair. Because Queen Hair has the advantage of the world’s highest quality hair source from Vietnam, rich hair creation experience, many benefits from Vietnam and cheap labor. Towards Valentine’s hair weave, Queen Hair has created many promotions with trending products.

In this Valentine’s hair weave season, Queen introduces special offers: “Valentine day – Shine your way” promotion. With the motto of cherishing the beauty of Nigerian women, Queen Hair offers 6 combos with many different incentives:


Valentine hair weave 2022 promotion of Queen Hair Factory


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